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Hello forum,
I have (with the help of Pæniteo!) gotten an IRC channel started.

It SHOULD be very easy to use.  :)

All you need to do is go to the main bar on this screen, click "Chat", and hit "Connect."  Then, you will be taken to the IRC channel and start chatting away!

Your default name will be your Suscipe Domine username with the characters "sd" appended.  You CANNOT have spaces in your nickname to use IRC, so please remove those.  The Mibbit mod does not remove spaces, it just appends "sd".  Easy breezy.

To use chat on a mobile device, please read below. 

If you would like to register your nickname (you do not need to), please read below.  Otherwise, ignore this!

To confirm your nickname, please follow this guide:

To register your nickname, it is pretty straightforward. 

To use it on a mobile device, you have two options.  The first (the option I wouldn't recommend) is to use the web client on the forum.  Just click the chat button like you would on the and follow the instructions above.

The route I suggest is to download a (free) IRC app on your mobile device.  I am deciding now between Andchat and AndroIRC on my Android device. 

To get into the chat on AndroIRC (the process should be similar on other devices), the information you need to know is as follows:
The server is
Then, when you get into the server, type (without the quotation marks) "/join #suscipedomine"
Then, follow the instructions at the link above (reproduced here)

For AndChat
Name: Mibbit
Nick1:  (desired nickname)
Username:  (your registered nickname)
Password: (your registered password)

Then hit the little save icon (a floppy disc).  Then click on the Mibbit entry, after it logs you onto the server, type in "/join #suscipedomine" and begin chatting! 

You can use your nicknames without identifying, however, if you want to identify, just type this in (when you are in the IRC channel as your registered nickname):
/msg nickserv identify [password]

As a note, if you use another client (say, Pidgin, or an add-on or plug-in for your browser), the pertinent settings you need to know:

Username:  (your username)

Beyond that, if you have any issues, PM me, and I will attempt to do my best at helping you.

Firefox addon:

Chrome addon:

And, you can use IRC programs, if you like, that you install on your computer.

Also, for ease of use and talking, when in IRC...
If you type the beginning of a user's nickname and then hit tab, IRC will autocomplete the name.

So, if I type in "K" and hit tab, it will autocomplete "Kaesekopf."
The same will happen if I type in "Ka," "Kaes," etc.

We should plan a chat party.  What's everyone doing tomorrow night?


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