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The probability is certainly rising.  Hard to say if it comes to that.  If the Repubs take both houses of congress, the probability drops dramatically.  If there is another steal, the probability will rise greater than 50%.  Same if they convict Trump of some BS charge.  Note that DC courts are so corrupt, if they indict him, a conviction is a foregone conclusion.

A restart of the Civil War will take the leadership of a State governor(s).  You are seeing a little rebellion with Texas bussing illegal aliens to DC and NY, and also bussing them back to border crossings.  DeSantis has been mouthy also.  Stint in Oklahoma doesn't like the Feds.

In Texas there is a push for a ballot initiative to secede.  That's something to watch.  If TX goes, OK and Arkansas would definitely join.

ZOG would never allow this to go peacefully.  First, all the paper traded in NY is backed by activities in the Red States.  Second, the idea of the American Nation recreating a Christian oriented homeland for their people drives them nuts.

edit: Note, the bulk of the Armed Forces that are competent come from Red State military families.  A good chunk would resign and join the Red State new Confederate Army.
General News and Discussion / Re: Russia Invades Ukraine
« Last post by james03 on Today at 01:29:27 PM »
The purported offensive has for months been a core talking point:

    Ukraine Battle Expands as Kyiv Launches Counteroffensive - New York Times - May 29, 2022
    Ukraine Regains Some Territory in Counter-Offensive in Kherson Area - Defence Ministry - Reuters - Jun 9, 2022
    Near Kherson, Ukrainians regain territory in major counteroffensive - Washington Post - Jun 29, 2022
    Ukraine prepares a counter-offensive to retake Kherson province - Economist - Jul 3, 2022
    Kherson cut off: Ukrainian counter-offensive gaining momentum in southern city - Fox News - Jul 29, 2022

Zelensky did another evacuation order.  Nikolayev.

The thrust of the article was that American Intelligence officials estimated Russia is now losing 500 troops a day - that's 15,000 per month if the War goes on.
American Intel?  The same people that lied about Russiagate?  The same officials that signed a letter saying Hunter's laptop was Russian disinfo?  Those people?  Next you'll be quoting WHO and CDC.

As far as the economic war, ask the Brit posse here how's that going and how they like their power bills.  Wait until the winter.  I expect Maximum Leader Putin(TM) will force the Germans to open up Nordstream 2 sometime by then.
General News and Discussion / Re: Gender-neutral Joan of Arc at Globe
« Last post by Miriam_M on Today at 01:25:28 PM »
This is a replica of the original Globe which was located 150 yards away in Old Theatre Court. I lived there once.  SE1 9ES

The original theatre burned down.  Just sayin.

Yes, I'm aware of all that.
General News and Discussion / Re: Gender-neutral Joan of Arc at Globe
« Last post by MaximGun on Today at 12:48:41 PM »
This is a replica of the original Globe which was located 150 yards away in Old Theatre Court. I lived there once.  SE1 9ES

The original theatre burned down.  Just sayin.
If war is a punushment for sin and adults in the first half of the 20th Century got the 2 world wars, then what is the world deserving of today?

The US Government is institutionally corrupt, to the core, and can't fix itself anymore than that knocking sound in your engine can fix itself. It'll only get worse.   All comes about because nobody meaningfully believes in eternal life and divine justice.

The US Constitution and Bill of Rights has a coach and horses ridden through it repeatedly.  People don't have meaningful rights if they have to sue or go to court to defend them when they are removed.  When your rights are trampled on, those in the government that trampled on them should do hard time in jail.  Not compensate you with the taxpayer's money.
General News and Discussion / Re: Gender-neutral Joan of Arc at Globe
« Last post by Miriam_M on Today at 12:44:43 PM »
Yes, the anti-history cause in society in general is in full bloom, largely unopposed.  And please no one rationalize that public voices are deterred by social and political pressure.  All it takes is for one person to unmask the intellectual dishonesty of what's going on.

I have also been noticing in general how the Radical Left is systematically destroying Shakespeare (speaking of The Globe), along with every other work of beauty.  It is a manifestation of hatred of The Good.  (Do not reduce it, please, to a "mere" hatred of western civilization, white men, normal sexuality, etc. It is beyond that.)

True beauty, being a physical and spiritual result of internal Order, leads the viewer/perceiver ultimately to God, at least potentially, as He is the source and author of Order in the cosmos. 

Can't have that!

And certainly they mustn't miss an opportunity to pervert and propagandize Joan of Arc for their nefarious purposes.
General Catholic Discussion / The Sacred Liturgy as a Secret Garden
« Last post by Miriam_M on Today at 12:32:08 PM »
I am reposting this thread here because it will get lost in the Bookstore and because I wished to make available to all the text of this short book.

Here is the original thread I opened, referring to the article which probably some of you have already seen on Rorate.

But here is a pdf of the book! (Courtesy of the Latin Mass Society)
Absolutely Beautiful

Will savor this gem later.  It makes our little forum special.  :pray3:

These posts really are a treasure. Thank you, Vox Clara.

Y'all are so sweet!   :grouphug:

Phillip G woulda loved this...

Congrats on the book! And a very well-written post, I might add. Thanks for posting this, Mrs. Goldie-finch.

I didn't write it, Melkor! Either the book or the article. They're by David Clayton.  :lol:

Haha I read past the author (that was posted right at the top) like a total idiot. xd
General News and Discussion / Gender-neutral Joan of Arc at Globe
« Last post by Goldfinch on Today at 12:24:41 PM »
Joan of Arc to be made a non-binary character in new Globe Theatre production

Theatre bosses say the play, I, Joan, will ‘offer the possibility of another point of view’ when it arrives later this month.

In Evening Standard.

A new Globe Theatre production exploring the life of Joan of Arc will see the legendary French heroine made into a non-binary character. The historical figure is known for fearlessly leading the French in battles against English soldiers in the Hundred Years War, and is traditionally depicted as a woman.

Theatre bosses say the play, I, Joan, will “offer the possibility of another point of view” when it arrives later this month. The lead role will be played by Isobel Thom, who also uses the pronouns “they/them” and the script has been altered to change the pronouns of the French patron saint.

“For centuries, Joan has been a cultural icon portrayed in countless plays, books, films, etc,” said Michelle Terry, artistic director of The Globe. “History has provided countless and wonderful examples of Joan portrayed as a woman. This production is simply offering the possibility of another point of view.”

“That is the role of theatre: to simply ask the question ‘imagine if?’.” She added: “Theatres produce plays, and in plays, anything can be possible.

“Shakespeare did not write historically accurate plays. He took figures of the past to ask questions about the world around him. Shakespeare was not afraid of discomfort, and neither is the Globe.”

A statement on The Globe’s website affirmed that it was “committed to becoming an inclusive and diverse organisation” willing to make “necessary change”.

“We aim to create a culture and environment in which everyone’s experience at Shakespeare’s Globe is equal, inclusive, and equitable,” it said.

I, Joan is set to run from August 25 to October 22.
Sam Francis: Prophet of America’s Decline

In Chronicles.

For several decades before his death in 2005, Samuel T. Francis was a major voice of Chronicles and paleoconservatism in America. He was widely admired as an outstanding public commentator, winning awards for his incisive and eloquent writing. Unfortunately, he was attacked by neoconservative apparatchiks with hardly a fragment of his learning, perception, and eloquence in the latter part of his career.

Francis began working on his last book, Leviathan & Its Enemies: Mass Organization and Managerial Power in Twentieth-Century America, in the 1990s, although it was not published until 2016 by the efforts of admirers, to little notice.

But its description of the future course of our ruling elite is as accurate as if the author were reacting to today’s news. Few thinkers in our time have proven so prescient, which is why his work and insights merit the renewed interest they’ve enjoyed recently. There is yet much to glean from the mind of this Middle American radical.

Like his muse, the political theorist James Burnham, Francis’s main interest as a historian was power and its real locus, the ruling class—those who give orders but do not obey any superior, those who possess control of society’s wealth and privileges.

Following Burnham, Francis referred to the incumbent ruling class as the “managerial elite,” a group called to power in the 20th century with the technical skills to manage the vast organizations of production, consumption, finance, media, education, electoral politics, and government that characterize the modern world. Those at the top are a class unified not by material conditions but by ideology. They think alike and move with ease between the public and private spheres.

The modern West had two previous elite classes, the feudal and the bourgeois. They governed in their own interests, just as does the managerial elite, but had an ethic of service—a sense of noblesse oblige that sometimes made them useful to society as a whole. They wanted stability so that their position could be passed on to their descendants. Religion and culture retained influence. And local and independent power persisted in the lives of most people during their rule. They could not consolidate power in their hands as our managers have done.

The managerial elite has a power that is more total over society and none of the virtues that restrained previous ruling classes. Unlike other elites that primarily governed through force, the managerial elite mainly relies on forms of deceit, such as manipulation and fraud, to retain and expand its reach, which is unconstrained by national boundaries. Southern roots deeply motivated Francis’ interest in the regime’s power.

Our present ruling class relies on control of public discourse by “soft” suppression of dissent and a pseudo-moral belief that technology and education of the masses will bring future relief to all human ills. It requires cultivating an interchangeable population attuned to rootless hedonism with no private or local life of any force. The utopian future it promises is merely a gimmick to gull us into prolonging its hegemony. It also requires ideological homogenization down to the lowest common denominator that wears the name of “democratic consensus.”

But there are signs from various directions that this hegemony is weakening. Manipulation, as Francis knew, has its limits.

The regime must find justifications for its continued existence and expansion. It is incapable of stability. It relies on further deceits—chimerical concepts like “white privilege” and “global democracy.” It strives to wield minorities and aliens as foot soldiers as Middle Americans, instilling in them a perpetual sense of victimhood and violent resentment. And in a phenomenon Francis called “anarcho-tyranny,” the institutions of law and order are increasingly hard on the law-abiding but easy on the lawbreakers.

Our rulers, however, have proven incapable of dealing with realities like Russia and China that they cannot successfully manipulate with empty declarations of moral superiority. The disastrous war in Ukraine is another indicator that their global hegemony has been weakened under President Joe Biden. Meanwhile, the regime is increasingly forced to take more overtly repressive measures as domestic instability grows, revealing the iron fist behind the velvet glove every time it strikes at deplorables.

Sam Francis was prophetic. More than anyone else, he understood the regime and how it works to dispossess all those under its heel and what may yet lie ahead in the turbulent waters of these dark times.
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