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General Catholic Discussion / Re: Cdl McCarrick resigned.
« Last post by Elizabeth on Today at 01:41:23 AM »


3. An actual transgender Carmelite

data taken from the PDF of the report

Totals priests: 248

birth histo: 227
ordination histo: 215
death histo: 126

At least 50.8% of the priests in the report are dead.
Arts and Leisure / Re: Share your Favorite Paintings
« Last post by PerEvangelicaDicta on Today at 01:27:37 AM »
I'm so pleased you continue to post a bit here, Matto.  I read your comments elsewhere. 
Arts and Leisure / Re: What are you currently reading?
« Last post by PerEvangelicaDicta on Today at 01:24:37 AM »
Dominican Spirituality: Principles and Practice    - Fr. William Hinnebusch

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Oh Kaes, my head, heart and soul are reeling with Dominicana!   Then I attended my first 3rd Order meeting today, and feel on fire.   Literally, within a matter of days, the entirety of my spirituality is changed.
Coffee and Donuts / Re: Hello, Medievalist Catholic here
« Last post by PerEvangelicaDicta on Today at 01:07:50 AM »
Welcome, friend.
General Catholic Discussion / Re: Cdl McCarrick resigned.
« Last post by PerEvangelicaDicta on Today at 12:47:15 AM »
Agreed. That's why the laity needs to keep the heat on with the other cardinals who have similar inclinations.

It would take 100 years to get all of them to resign. Who are the only heterosexual Cardinals and Archbishops in the American Church? Chaput? Fat useless Dolan?
  The few good guys are likely underground at this point.

Let us pray they ascend from underground to assist us, the Faithful, in this mortal battle.  We must be committed to defend Our Lord and His Holy Church, our blessed Birthright. These sick, twisted, evil usurpers cannot triumph. 
Please, brothers, don't give into the temptation of cowardice or despair. Fight, like your Crusader and  martyr brothers.
I think the appropriate action to take in order to defend the integrity of His Church is to restore credibility to the clergy (as they are the visible sign of His Church).  To do so would involve:

- a new inquisition to rout out the homosexuals and sexual abusers
- an inquisition to rout out those whom teach heresy or skirt closely around the edges of heresy
- proactively reporting all historical cases of sexual abuse to the police, regardless of statute of limitations.  Full disclosure of all evidence
- police need to arrest prelates whom aided and abetted by sheltering the rapists
- proactively reporting all future cases of sexual abuse to the police
- zero tolerance policy towards homosexual acts.  One act and defrocked
- reform seminaries to turn them into fortresses of orthodoxy
- Caesar must be above suspicion.  Clerics whom invite scandal, for whatever reason, should be defrocked.  This will one day be abused, but right now such a policy is needed to restore credibility
- N.O. abolished

This would likely involve a massive shrinking of the size of the Church.  I suspect many priests would be defrocked and imprisoned.  Most of the hierarchy would need to be replaced.  There would be a large shortage of priests and many parishes would need to be consolidated.  Lukewarm Catholics will drop out. But the core left behind will be like an impenetrable castle and from there will re-conquer the world for Christ.

How any of this will ever come to be under the current pontificate or the one likely to come after, is beyond me.

For purposes of the victims, the following must be done:

- proactively reporting all historical cases of sexual abuse to the police, regardless of statute of limitations.  Full disclosure of all evidence
- public mea culpa by all Catholic prelates, whether they directly sheltered abusers or not, all need to publicly apologize for the mass failings.  These apologies should come through the media and through touring parishes.
Quick qualification to my above post - Fr. Bill Casey of the Fathers of Mercy, whose sermons are readily available on youtube, is not to be confused with a priest of the same/similar name who was accused of abuse (Diocese of Knoxville).

This talk - from 16 years ago! - addresses this scandal. It's a bullseye, and should light you on fire.  We must all take action. Defend your Christ. HE is the Church, not the pedophile prelates.  It's our Birthright.

Fr Bill Caseyís Powerful Talk on ďLukewarm CatholicismĒ and How It Relates to the Priestly Scandals
Traditional Catholic Discussion / Re: Paul Touvier & The SSPX
« Last post by An aspiring Thomist on August 19, 2018, 11:55:54 PM »
It is good that the "world" brought the pedophile priest scandal to light, while the "Church" was attempting to cover it up.  It would have succeeded in doing so had the traditionalist "integralist" view that the State must be subject to the Church prevailed in the United States or the State of Pennsylvania.  You do not have a case for this (integralism) and I don't care (and neither does the world) what anybody else, even Pope, might have said on the matter.  The protection of children is a higher value than hoity-toity theological pronouncements why priests should be shielded from justice after having committed crimes against children or protecting the image of the Church, says the world, whatever Canon Law might or might not say.  And it is right.

I agree to a certain extent but you make the facts out to do more work than what they actually do.
For instance: a government kills all its black citizens (local church covers up sex scandal), so good citizens over throw the government (local state punishes local church or its member despite its protests); hence governments are wrong in general!! ( hence integralism is wrong!!!). There is only a problem with government in general if it must always be obeyed. I would say the same thing for ďintegralismĒ. I will say I have not heard of integralism but I think I know what you mean. Furthermore, Iím not super well studied on how Church and State authorities should interact.

What annoys me about your anti trans rants, is that I think you make the same mistake you claim us of making: holding to unproven ideology despite more counter than pro evidence. Or put another way we donít have an epistemological leg to stand on for X. You do this in regards to all papal magisterium whatsoever needing to be infallibly safe and always submitted to. Now, I really do respect you very much and know that you have given arguments for this claim before, but I have thought about it, things have clicked in my mind, and Iím pretty sure you donít have deductive arguments for that claim. Hence, past Church, Scriptual, and Traditional authorities become relevant issues as to whether or not we can question Pope Francis on the death Penalty or Amoris Laetitia and so forth. Furthermore, we donít have to grasp at straws to make them harmonious with past teachings or dogma. To use your rhetoric:
Pope Francis has come. The Pope has contradicted past teachings, scripture, tradition, magisterium, and reason. Even conservatives see it; the world sees it and no one is changing their mind because they are told they must. No one is going to square the circle. The fact that you do is because you are an ideologue....

Now, I donít really fault you for that or actually believe you are intellectually dishonest. The thing is is that itís very hard to be right about every major issue.
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