Early education starts from the womb

Started by queen.saints, February 07, 2021, 09:33:04 AM

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I just wanted to clarify a few things on the spiritual front. I wholeheartedly believe that a mother's spiritual disposition will effect her baby. Will it effect her baby because her holiness will flow down into the baby through the umbilical cord? No, it will effect the baby because it is more than likely the same spiritual disposition she will have and maintain after baby is born. I do not think a mother who prays and sings during her pregnancy and then becomes a crack addict when her baby is born is going to have a child-saint who can simply cash in on 9 months of fetal monasticism. Everything is like this. The whole idea of sins visiting the seventh generation is because we live in families and families see each other, they influence each other. Children imitate their parents; they observe coping mechanisms and try them out as adults.


Quote from: queen.saints on February 09, 2021, 05:34:22 AM

The fact that the mother's internal state massively affects her unborn child is the very basis for why Mary was chosen as the Mother of God and why she was immaculately conceived. Our Lady's generosity and evangelical spirit in visiting and helping her cousin and bringing Our Lord to her is, of course, an excellent example of this in action.

Are you literally saying that a holy perfect mother was needed for Jesus to make him holier? LOL I'm calling borderline heresy on this. The reason Mary had to be perfect was so that Our Lord would have a worthy vessel. He magnified and affected her, not the other way around. She said "He has done great things for me" not, "I am going to make him so smart and holy with all my prayers"


Coffeeandcigarettes, this is a subject as nice and pleasant as "happy thoughts during pregnancy". I posted the article mainly because I think it's awesome and wonderful that a secular museum is offering such a cool and pro-life program on an ancient custom which humanizes the infant in the womb and encourages mothers to be good people. And the picture of the royal baby clothes is so cute. The article has all kinds of historical quotes that could be of interest to anybody who enjoys researching these things from either a familiar or historical perspective. There's no need to start calling people names and attacking them.

If somebody were to post an article that involved Greek history, a person who knows nothing about Greek history would be unable to recognize the different sources in the article and would be confused by references to it in the replies.

"Taegyo shingi," referenced in the article is very famous in Korean history and is the definitive source of information on the subject in Korea. It's a collection of folk wisdom, written in the common alphabet that all the peasants of the country were able to read, thanks to a country-wide literacy program set-up by a benevolent king previously. All of the "traditional" advice I posted is directly taken from this book, not "completely different sources".

Every single traditional Catholic Mothers guide says that our spiritual and emotional state during pregnancy and nursing has life-changing effects on the child, whether we believe it or not.
I am sorry for the times I have publicly criticized others on this forum, especially traditional Catholic religious, and any other scandalous posts and pray that no one reads or believes these false and ignorant statements.