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Unfortunately great medical journals such as the Lancet and BMJ have allowed themselves to become politicized.

With my own eyes, last June I read a peer reviewed paper in the Lancet from 2012 in relation to masks and their efficacy and it showed there were no benefits to wearing masks.  Remember its SARS V 2, there was a previous SARS and MERS and in Asian high density populated countries, it is common to wear a face mask so there were different studies  done and published on a few occasions.
Within a month and it being made mandatory in Aug 2020 in Ireland, I returned to find that study and link it on had gone and is still gone.  The stasi censorship board had done its job.

Here is Prof Carl Heneghan who is a credible and an expert in this area, he still says upto Apr 2021 that masks do not work.

Pope Francis recently exchanged relics with Patriarch Bartholomew. Patriarch Bartholomew has said re-union with the Catholic Church is inevitable. The Church would become much stronger with the return of the Orthodox. Russian Orthodox Patriarch Alexy of Moscow was in favor of Summorum Pontificum. Maybe someone should ask Patriarch Bartholomew to ask Rome to stop trying to restrict the TLM?

Article: From:

"On November 12, Patriarch Bartholomew participated in the Vespers service at the Catholic Abbey of Our Lady of St. Rémy in Rochefort, Belgium, together with Archimandrite Alexios, the abbot of Xenophontos Monastery, and Hieromonk Theophilos of Pantocrator Monastery, both on Mt. Athos.

According to a new report from the Union of Orthodox Journalists, during his trip to Mt. Athos the previous month, Pat. Bartholomew attempted to convince several Athonite abbots and monks that there are no dogmatic differences between Orthodoxy and Catholicism, and that reunion with the Catholic church is inevitable."

Pope St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI did much to convince the Orthodox to come home to Rome. The main dogmatic difference is Filioque. Please see: and about Filioque. St. Robert in particular has great proofs for Filioque from the Early Councils and the Dogmatic Tradition.
Nice post, Michael. This site has more:


M. Eugene Boring (Disciples of Christ), commenting on the "keys of the kingdom of heaven," "binding" and "loosing" from Matthew 16:19 --

"The 'kingdom of heaven' is represented by authoritative teaching, the promulgation of authoritative Halakha that lets heaven's power rule in earthly things...Peter's role as holder of the keys is fulfilled now, on earth, as chief teacher of the church....The keeper of the keys has authority within the house as administrator and teacher (cf. Isa 22:20-25, which may have influenced Matthew here). The language of binding and loosing is rabbinic terminology for authoritative teaching, for having the authority to interpret the Torah and apply it to particular cases, declaring what is permitted and what is not permitted. Jesus, who has taught with authority (7:29) and has given his authority to his disciples (10:1, 8), here gives the primary disciple the authority to teach in his name -- to make authoritative decisions pertaining to Christian life as he applies the teaching of Jesus to concrete situations in the life of the church." (Boring, page 346)

Francis Wright Beare (Presbyterian/Reformed) --

"The 'keys' are probably not to be understood as entrance keys, as if to suggest that Peter is authorized to admit or to refuse admission, but rather to the bundle of keys carried by the chief steward, for the opening of rooms and storechambers within the house -- symbols of responsibilities to be exercised within the house of God (cf. Mt 24:45, etc.). 'Bind' and 'loose" are technical terms of the rabbinic vocabulary, denoting the authoritative declaration that an action or course of conduct is permitted or forbidden by the Law of Moses." (Beare, page 355-356)

Eduard Schweizer (Presbyterian/Reformed) --

"In Jewish interpretation, the key of David refers to the teachers of the Law (exiled in Babylon); according to Matthew 23:13, the 'keys of the Kingdom of heaven' are in the hands of the teachers of the Law. A contrast is here drawn between them and Peter. He is thus not the gatekeeper of heaven, but the steward of the Kingdom of heaven upon earth. His function is described in more detail as 'binding and loosing' ....the saying must from the very outset have referred to an authority like that of the teachers of the Law. In this context, 'binding" and 'loosing' refer to the magisterium to declare a commandment binding or not binding....For Matthew, however, there is only one correct interpretation of the Law, that of Jesus. This is accessible to the community through the tradition of Peter...Probably we are dealing here mostly with teaching authority, and always with the understanding that God must ratify what Petrine tradition declares permitted or forbidden in the community." (Schweizer, page 343)

R.T. France (Anglican/Protestant Evangelical) --

"The terms [binding and loosing] thus refer to a teaching function, and more specifically one of making halakhic pronouncements [i.e. relative to laws not written down in the Jewish Scriptures but based on an oral interpretation of them] which are to be 'binding' on the people of God. In that case Peter's 'power of the keys' declared in [Matthew] 16:19 is not so much that of the doorkeeper... but that of the steward (as in Is. 22:22, generally regarded as the Old Testament background to the metaphor of keys here), whose keys of office enable him to regulate the affairs of the household." (R.T. France, as cited in Butler/Dahlgren/Hess, page 54)"
Dude, check out Fig 2 of the pub med study.  There's no effect to speak of, except a slight reduction for fitted N95 masks, as in, leave your face bruised after wearing all day.  And still there is viral break through even with those.

There's a reason why people in virus labs wear pressurized suits.

And one more question, how many people put on gloves when they remove their mask to keep from transferring any virus to their hands that have collected on the mask?  Only medical workers do that.
Is this the husband of Carleen who used to post here?

The Society generally come where they are invited as far as I know, to various missions.  What a true blessing.

Yep, I believe that you are right, Elizabeth! What a Blessing!
His name is Bill Price. That is Carleen's husband! Praise be to God!

God Bless him & his family!

Traditional Catholic Discussion / Re: SSPX Brings Back TLM to Cheboygan MI!
« Last post by Elizabeth.2 on July 30, 2021, 11:48:30 PM »
Is this the husband of Carleen who used to post here?

The Society generally come where they are invited as far as I know, to various missions.  What a true blessing.
Saint Dominic - Watchdog of God

This video has a lot of beautiful scenery from Europe, lovely Churches, etc.

“I give you arms, with which throughout your life you may fight against the devil.”

August 4, 2021-Happy Feast of Saint Dominic!  :pray2: :pray3:

Saint Dominic, Pray for us!!  :pray3:
The priest trying to gaslight Mr. Buckley seems to be getting nowhere so far...QuaeriteDominium it is good to see you here.
This is very much appreciated!
Traditional Catholic Discussion / SSPX Brings Back TLM to Cheboygan MI!
« Last post by Kathleen on July 30, 2021, 11:27:23 PM »
This is an enormous blessing! The North-East portion of Michigan is a liturgical wasteland. We have a place deep in the piney woods in NE Michigan and the possibility of getting the SSPX in our neck of the woods would make my decade.

It is seriously heroic what William Price and the SSPX are doing with historic St. Charles Borromeo Church in Cheboygan.

The church was a horrifying wreck because the diocese (Gaylord which much could be said about) sold it to some protestants in the 1980s who completely trashed it. Then William Price bought it and has been restoring it.

Now he had the Society come in and offer HIGH MASS!

I'm wondering if there is any way to find out if the Society is planning to take it over on a permanent basis?

The story is here:

The go fund me is here:

Anyone here know anything about how this sort of thing works with the Society?
Wait....isn't it only July 30 today?

Dear Munda,

Yes, it is July 30th ;)
But I posted this, and information on Saint Maximilian Kolbe, so
people can have it in advance to either say a Novena or go to Mass on the Vigil of
the Feast Day.
Instead of posting it at the end of the day, when you are tired & completely out of it....

And if an individual is not a Daily Mass type, then its too late.
Not only that, I will most likely be super busy going to Mass & with other obligations.
And just like I prefer to go over the readings of the Mass prior to going to Mass,
I prefer to read about the Saint prior to the Feast Day. And I thought it would be helpful to others.
God bless you & yours! :pray1:

makes sense!  Just wanted to make sure I hadn't lost a few days this week  ;D

I know what you mean, it has happened to me in the past, LOL
So, I'm trying to "prep" in advance to avoid finding out I missed a Saint Feast Day or someone's birthday  :-[
And I also love Saint Dominic & Our Lady! :pray3:

Thanks for your post, my friend! :) God Bless!
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