Morality question

Started by Bernadette, February 22, 2024, 08:34:16 AM

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Quote from: diaduit on February 23, 2024, 12:46:34 PMI don't mean to be rude, just curious but is it a cultural thing that your Aunt can have a say in matters in your life, you are an adult. I understand if it is but this just wouldn't really occur in my culture. 
Your Uncle is buying you a new sewing machine, he obviously knows you like sewing and its something you do so therefore I assume he knows you have one already.  I would sell the machine and use the money to buy material and make him something for himself as a return gift.

Lol no, I don't think so. I do live with her, and I brought it up in conversation.

And yes, my uncle does know that I have a sewing machine already.
My Lord and my God.


Well there you go, he knows you have a machine and he is not a vulnerable adult by the sound of it and he has decided how to spend his money.  The end....take it and enjoy it.


I've found a very nice German made heavy duty vintage machine (pfaff) on ebay, and have offered to make my Uncle a quilt in exchange. And I won't sell the old one, as it has a bobbin winder that I use frequently. Problem solved.
My Lord and my God.