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Started by TerrorDæmonum, April 08, 2022, 05:21:45 PM

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I highly recommend that this forum not let itself be seen as a political forum that is anti-anything or pro-anything. It should be perceived, by the average viewer, as a traditional Catholic forum that stands on its own merits quite easily. If not, then there is a problem.

There is a problem.

So many platforms, forums, and groups get labeled for tolerating certain things, that may or may not be central to their identity.

With that in mind, all the anti-Pope and anti-visible-Catholic Church posting, pro-Russian propaganda, extremist political commentary and conspiracy theories, and other commentary should not be visible to the public if they are not removed from the forum.

A liberal policy on what is allowed here will have results. The desire to use Internet forums has lessened in the past decade, and it is mainly for enthusiasts and extremists. Enthusiasts are driven away by extremists, so failure to keep tabs on this can result in this occurring. All the average traditional Catholics and people interested in the Faith will be driven away by the hyper-polarizing commentary on other matters.

We wouldn't want this forum to be seen as just a political extremist, antisemitic, Putinversteher conspiracy theorist forum.

I mean, continue to be seen as one.

Normal traditional Catholics and regular members of the Holy Catholic Church in general do not generally want to be associated with these things.


Seriously, if I or any sensible person were walking down the street and saw a group displaying the sort of things on public display here, we'd cross the street or go around to avoid having to possibly interact with them. I once walked into a surprise (but spread out) public rally of a political group and I couldn't wait to get away from it and thought about the possibility that people might think I was associated with them. That is kind of what is it is like here.

Quality control is needed, or at least containment.


Putinversteher is a term with some use. It's bizarre. If Putin said polar bears flew, many here would insist on it like a moral imperative, well at least take self serving denials on Bucha and Kramatorsk as gospel, and cite distant and irrelevant parallels (like the half assed Kuwaiti claim the Iraqis ripped babies of out incubators) which take no account of the degree of evidence, which is almost useless to cite, as Putinversteher will reflexively deny it.
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