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Sacramento Bishop encourages communion in the hand

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Never in history has this been seen. Not even when the black plague was in full swing were the priests encouraged to give Communion in the hand.

The Diocese of Sacramento is encouraging the priests and extra-ordinary ministers to administer the Sacrament in the hand due to the "Killer epidemic" that has been widespread in the US.

how about get rid of EMHC, which will lower the risk for contraction?

Yeah, during the H1N1 'epidemic' (it actually killed about one-tenth as many people as the ordinary flu kills) my Ordinary 'forbade' COTT. Not that it stopped me in his own Cathedral and I never got so much as a strange look from a Priest!

Go get a flu shot, try not to shake hands if you can avoid it, wash your hands regularly, and stay home from Mass if you're sick. It's not that hard! This is just another excuse to push Communion in the hand and cause more abuses.


--- Quote from: Archer on January 19, 2013, 09:25:14 PM ---(T)ry not to shake hands if you can avoid it, wash your hands regularly...

--- End quote ---

Since the 'flu tends to be airborne, this is more bull crap as well.


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