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Can you name all these bits of Catholicism that come in threes?


I wasn't sure what they meant by "evangelical counsels" - makes sense though.

I missed these:
Eminent Good Works
Evangelical Counsels/Counsels of Perfection
Stages of Perfection

I got them all!

I did have to google the proper words for levels of reverence though.  Is that considered cheating?  I knew there was one for the Saints, one for Mary, and one for God alone.  (dulia, hyperdulia, and latria)

40/45. I missed the following categories: Evangelical Counsels/Counsels of Perfection (though one answer for this one was filled in because it was the same as an answer in another category) and Stages of Perfection. Two years or so ago, I maybe would have gotten only about half of the answers. I've learned a great deal about the Catholic Faith lately.


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