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Religous radio censorship


 I just thought of this from reading the SSPV thread that has touched on listening quality of Catholic stations.
 It reminds me of a flight I took a non-stop, cross country flight I took a couple years of go on AirTrans, to California. 
  I flew first class(first time ever, probably my last; I had a bunch of skymiles and it was the only way to get that flight).
Anyway, they had Sirious satellite radio and they gave out the earphones.  I gave it a shot, being familiar with a bit of the channel assignment from having Sirious in a company van.  Anyway, when I went to the channels assinged to what are called Catholic stations(NY's Catholic Channel and EWTN), they were blank, dead air.  So wasn't the Protestant channel that is right next to them. 
  I scanned plenty of the channels and the rest matched up to where I know them to be from listening to it in the van.  I do not claim that I agree with all that is on the channels deleted, the Protestant(of course) and the NO Catholic stations, but it is just an indicator that some of these mega-corporations are pro-activie in not having any recognition or mention of God if they can help it.  I was not so thorough and did not go anywhere near Mr Stern's channel; furthur away from him, the better. 
  I just wonder where anyone else has seen such selective pruning of what is offered to the general public in this area.



So much for freedom of speech.
 :'( :'( :'(

Hat And Beard:
....Or Sirius Satellite Radio is on its way out(and in the age of smart phones and 4G, who can say this isn't the case?) and those were just the stations least frequently listened to. If I really think about it, those stations tend to be more popular with people who don't have the money to afford Satellite Radio. I wouldn't say this is a blot of religion so much as a blot of satellite radio.  :)


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