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Cell lines from aborted babies

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There was a discussion about cell lines on the forum and a YouTube video was posted that indicated that on occasion the baby is dissected while still alive as this provides higher quality cells.  The Video has been deleted by YouTube.  Does anyone have a written source to this ghoulish practice?

Michael Wilson:
Maybe on the Lifesite news site.

Yes it was on LifeSite News, along with much more from whistleblowers like vaccine researcher Pamela Decker -- not sure of spelling.

I understood it was research on cell cultures derived from abortions some decades ago.

Michael Wilson:
Here is one Pamela Acker article:
Miss Acker explains that there is a big problem with the amount of cells from aborted babies in  vaccines:

--- Quote ---

    The evidence for c-section abortions comes primarily from video clips shot by David Daleiden; in reality, it comes from the scientific literature [1, 2, 3], specifically several research papers describing the development of polio vaccines.

    Experimentation on fetal tissue was forbidden prior to the legalization of abortion; in reality, such experimentation was done as early as the 1930s [1] and there were even international suppliers of aborted fetal tissue (specifically the Karolinska Institute) throughout the 1950-70s that continue to supply aborted fetal tissue for research up to the present day.

    No experimentation on fetal tissue was done with the intention of producing vaccines; in reality, the development of the polio vaccine fueled research into aborted fetal cell lines [1, 2, 3], and the rubella vaccine [4] was produced using virus obtained from aborted fetuses instead of simply using a nasal swab from an infected child (as was done in Japan). There is indeed a long history of complicity between vaccines and abortion.

    The amount of residual fetal DNA in vaccines is negligible, according to three hypothetical statistical studies (with the same primary author); in reality, experimental data shows that the amount and size of fetal DNA present in vaccines poses a real problem, and can be up to 200 times the safety limit established by the World Health Organization.[5]
--- End quote ---


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