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Pope Francis' Plan to Change the Church

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This supposedly synodal Church of V2 is a scam. In fact it was centralised as never before and episcopal conferences are talking shops. Now this pretended synodality seems to be unravelling with respect to German, one of the biggest employers on earth, but a pastoral failure. I think it is 'make a mess' stuff, keeping enemies focussed on the non essential while he secure his position and the future for likeminded bishops in what is looking like a diseased ape of the Church.

King Wenceslas:

--- Quote from: Michael Wilson on June 10, 2021, 05:26:46 PM ---Another interesting video from "Return to Tradition" on the new Synod in Rome planned for 2023:
                                   // only discrepancy with the author, is that these synods are not truly consultative, but rather the results obtained are driven by the hierarchy including P.F. Towards pre-determined outcomes, in which the "consulting" is merely a cover for their own agenda.

--- End quote ---

Preordained for sure. Just like "Cardinal" Marx's resignation and rejection of it by Francis. Pure theater.

What is coming from the coming synods? You don't even have to wait I let you know 3 years ahead of time: Women deacons and married priests.

Coming from a synod around 2030: Women priests.

Sorry about taking all of the suspense out of the future.


--- Quote from: Michael Wilson on June 12, 2021, 06:45:49 PM ---I agree with all that. But Francis is pretending to make the Church more democratic;

--- End quote ---

LOL.  A "democratic" kingdom.


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