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Do you have mystical experiences?

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I hope the poll is well formed to allow everybody to answer.

You can change your vote and the poll is open without limit (most of my polls are not like this) so it can be a running total for an indefinite period of time.

A private discussion on the intellectual and mystical aspects of life led to this question, after considering the intellectual and mystical "extremes" and how people tend to react to them sometimes.

(And I hope this poll gets more public activity than that thread did.)

EDIT: Discussing mystical experiences is probably not going to happen and I didn't expect any responses actually, but if you want to talk about your guardian angels, that seems to be a good thing to discuss. Vote on mystical experiences but talk about angels.

EDIT 2: Talking about answered prayers is popular too (but not necessarily a mystical experience).

I would think this is a topic for a persons confessor


--- Quote from: St.Justin on June 08, 2021, 06:15:37 PM ---I would think this is a topic for a persons confessor

--- End quote ---

Well, advice and such would be, but basic voting on a poll isn't that serious. People can change their votes.

And mystical experiences can be quite ordinary.

Extreme ends of experiences mystical or intellectual do need stronger scrutiny, but people can have all sorts of experiences in life without it being a big deal that requires any active consultation.

How many people talk of their relationship with their Guardian Angel on forums? Should they not?

(And I'm trying to make threads that result in good discussions or activity or interest, that don't involve going after the thread starter or delving into conspiracy theories.)

Also, I don't anticipate many responses if any, so if this becomes a thread for sharing fantastic experiences, then I'd agree. But I'm expecting mostly votes until the thread passes down the page.

I don't think I know enough of what qualifies as a mystical experience to vote.  Based on your comment about them able to be "quite ordinary", and your comment about Guardian Angels, then I would say yes, I have.  My Guardian Angel always wakes me up at the exact time I ask him to, when I ask. 

I've also heard it said by a traditional Friar that if you hear a sharp knocking in the middle of the night, it's the Holy Souls, asking for prayers.  For years, I experienced this, but always chucked it up to dreams.  Then I heard that, and thought, "wow....I definitely have that".  So, now I say 3 Hail Mary's whenever it happens....and hide under the covers a little.  I don't know if that is actually true, but I'm certain the prayers will help, regardless.

Michael Wilson:
My prayers are answered (from time to time); but mystical experiences as described by St. Teresa in her books? No.


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