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Bumping this because Mary Anne Krietzer, of Les Femmes Blog has linked this thread in her ongoing investigation of Church Militant and their yellow journalism smears against SSPX.

I am so grateful to Mary Ann for investigating this.  I'm still praying for justice regarding the attacks on Fr. Novak and Saint Marys Kansas in general. 


King Wenceslas:
Father Rizzo: A very good priest. He said mass as a member of FSSP for a short while for us. He also said the funeral mass for my mother in California. Stared down the NOites who wanted communion in the hand. He didn't budge.

He confirmed to my face, when questioned about it, the incident with Fr. Angles and Nazism:

--- Quote ---"All of a sudden, without any provocation whatsoever, he got up and went over to his bookshelf. He pulled out this huge book with the title The Life of Adolf Hitler and a big picture of Hitler on the cover giving his salute. He put it on the bridge of his nose, the same way the sub-deacon holds up the Book of the Gospels at a solemn High Mass. He walked around the coffee table in his apartment, making the noise of a thurible (ching, ching, ching, ching). After he sat down, he says: 'Well, Rizzo, what do you think of that? Isn't this great?' He was laughing quite devilishly. He then asked, 'What else do you want to talk about?'"
--- End quote ---

Satan is everywhere these days. Look first to Christ in this day and age and then judge all through his eyes.


--- Quote from: Traditionallyruralmom on August 22, 2020, 08:59:36 AM ---I am very sad to hear about Fr Palmquist.  Wow, his facebook page is a rabbit hole.  Its really disappointing that he was able to be ordained so recently.  If he was as open with his spiritual director and all those that formed him as he says he was, that is very alarming. It is very alarming how such a troubled young man could make it through SSPX seminary.  Wow, need to go have some coffee....

--- End quote ---

Fr Palmquist, in case it hasn't been mentioned, found CM to be an exploitative crew. He had nothing that negative to say about the SSPX, which disappointed Mrs Niles. Palmquist thought it was probably unwise for him to be a priest and a homosexual, which is far better than Bishop Zanchetta and other known homosexuals in the curia. It is sad.

I stopped following TM because of Infiltration and the way it was written.


--- Quote from: Elizabeth.2 on December 07, 2020, 05:54:19 PM ---I am grateful Bishop Athanasius Schneider issued his charitable correction to Christine Niles' St. Marys Kansas witch-hunt. 

Sadly she is not yet humbled.

--- End quote ---

Even worse, CMTV published a follow-up article against Bishop Schneider which accused him of being a liar. They used to admire the bishop and quote him often. All the poor bishop did to get on their black list, like other former friends of CMTV, was question the fairness of CMTV reporting. They have lost many followers and supporters over the years. At the rate they're going, soon CMTV will have accused the entire Catholic community of lying except themselves, and they are masters at it. They will have to start their own church, a different style of Sedevacantism.


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