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This appears to contain important material. Given the transitory nature of twitter I thought it might be of service to reformat it and post it here. I hope it is helpful.




90s era SSPX/Fakenews is churning again thanks to Virus & his lying fruit fly Niles.

I don't blame @judylthomas for getting a few things wrong in her recent piece on the SSPX, with so many people lying, it's hard to know what's what.

I am here to help! Let's begin.

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The infamous love letter from a teacher to a student does not exist. It never did.

The teacher in question, was not only engaged at the time, but married his fiance & they had several children.

The young man has denied receiving such a letter. All of this is easily verifiable.

Fr. Rizzo is the source of many of the nastier rumors about the SSPX dating from that time.

His tales scared many people who then pulled their kids from SMAC to follow him.

That phoney baloney about guns at St. Mary's?

It was Fr. Rizzo.

Of course Fr. Angles denied it and told the cops the doors are open, go look anywhere you want.

They didn't find a thing because it wasn't true.

Another major whopper was that Fr. Angles had bunch of angry SSPXers shoot up Fr. Rizzo's house...

Nope. Neither Fr. Angles or SSPX Parishioners had anything to do with it & Fr. Rizzo knew it.

The truth:  It was a drive by shooting by gang bangers after a boy Fr. Rizzo let stay at his homeóagainst his parents wishes, I might add.

Now for Michael Gonzalez. He didn't commit suicide & there is no suicide note. Gonzalez was a member of the gang that shot up Fr. Rizzo's house, and his death by murder, was gang related.

The Gonzalez family is a very troubled one. Michael's father is an admitted pedophile who abused his own kids & grand children. The mother abandoned the family.

Michael's sister Teresa, a victim of incest, is now an anti-Catholic who identifies as a witch.

Her allegations are self serving, and the payoff from Fr. Angles she refers to was the act of a generous pastor, who forgave all the bills of large families who couldn't pay & those who wanted to leave to follow Fr. Rizzo.

Michael & Teresa also have another uncle...

in jail for a shooting & another who abandoned his wife & 10 kids, a few of whom were molested by his father.

That was funólet's talk about Kurt Chione.

As I pointed out to Niles when the CM report came out, Kurt Chione has an axe to grind, something that Niles could have found out if she had vetted his claims.

She didn't, because she has no ethics & the truth doesn't fit her agenda...

For one thing, Kurt Chione has a criminal record for stealing and selling Church property.
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Right, like "When did you stop beating your wife?"

Kurt Chione claims Gonzales told him that Fr. Angles raped him, that he was fired for reporting it. It might be possible he was fired for another reason & took the chance to settle an old score.

Kurt also blames the SSPX priests for his divorce.

You see he was arrested for beating up his wife, and a very wonderful priest, Fr. Novak, helped her.

Kurt's response was to lie about him & all the other priests.

So to get revenge...

He made up this bull about Fr. Novak--he was the anonymous crying phone call cited by Niles in her fake report.

Want some proof? Here you go.

Here's Kurt singing the praises of the SSPX for helping his marriage..

Here is another post where he states he has been an SSPX supporter since 1978. Note the date: 2016.

He doesn't sound like someone who believes the SSPX protects pedophiles. He sent his own children to the SSPX schools!

Nothing but love in this post:

Now look at the date on this postóJanuary of this year. You know what else happened in January on the 19th? Jassy Jacas posted her accusations.

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The Great Stalin
 ∑ May 18
Well, well, well.

One of Christine Niles' star "witnesses" had a very different attitude to the SSPX just a few months ago ...

What changed between then and now?

Church Militant happened. He got the opportunity to settle some scores.

He fabricated the Gonzalez story to get even. He blames the priests for his marriage failing.

He is a loser who has never taken responsibility for his action.


I am terribly sorry, I posted this in the wrong forum. I hope it can be corrected.

More material to archive.

This time on the Nazi slander.




It's really pathetic to see Niles cite her own fakenews as proof Fr. Angles is a Nazióhis Uncle died in a concentration camp as did +Lefebvre's father.

If Niles had done actual journalism, she might have learned that Joe Souther made up the Nazi stuff to get even with him.


Time to correct the record.

Joe Southerówell-known sleeze, lied about Fr. Angles because his mother, a woman cut from the same cloth as Christine Niles, was banned from the Church because she relentlessly slandered a teacher after Father made repeated requests for her to stop.

Threadreaderapp formats it nicely too.

Please tell us more about Fr Angles heroic generosity, who pays off poor families bills, if they want the leave the society 


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