Novena to Saint Michael Archangel

Started by GMC, September 21, 2023, 01:43:45 PM

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The novena begins on Sept. 21 and runs through Sept. 29, the Feast of St. Michael. It's being initiated by the Benedictine monks of the historic St. Michael's Abbey in Farnborough, 30 kilometers outside of London.

The monks know St. Michael is charged with the tasks of protecting those who love God and leading the battle against Satan and his works. They know this powerful angel is traditionally called upon to free those possessed in spiritual bondage. They know the position of archangel isn't one to be taken lightly. In this spirit, they invite all to join in the nine days of prayer.

The novena is being hosted by Hozana, an international online prayer forum with the goal of promoting the habit of prayer. An administrator of the forum told Church Militant:

QuoteOur goal is to gather as many people as possible in prayer through the internet. As people no longer practice their faith, or believe in God, we believe that we can reach out to people through the internet and encourage them to pick up the habit of praying.

Every day for the nine days of the novena, the registered will receive:

  • A quote from a Church Father, Doctor of the Church or a saint
  • A relevant quote from Scripture
  • Insight on a particular aspect of the Prayer to St. Michael
  • A concluding prayer to St. Michael

To register, click on this link. For more information, click here. If you have any questions, email