This will change how you think about the Iraq War.

Started by King Wenceslas, August 30, 2023, 10:29:43 AM

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King Wenceslas

How godless men screw up a country and leave it a mess.

Clinton, Albright, Bremer and Bush are criminals.


There's way more to the war in Iraq than pedestrians on the internet will ever  realize.
Saving face after being massively deceived... the price of Russian oil...

Bush, Cheney, and the Clinton's, would all rather you believe they're diabolical war criminals than think our intelligence services and DoD are as fallible as they are. You/we might think you/we could actually take them on then. Being seen as a war criminal is fine as long as people think you're an irresistibly invincible war criminal.
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Nous Defions
St. Phillip Neri, pray for us.


Operation Desert Storm.  Iraq launches a few missiles at Israel.  The US is ordered to take out Saddam's government.

2006 Lebanon.  Hezbollah defeats Israel.  The US is ordered to take out Syria and Assad, who at the time was our ally.

2000 Russia.  Yeltsin backs out of a deal and appoints Putin.  Putin shuts down Browder, Yukos Oil, and takes out Safra and Beresovsky.  We get the Magnitsky Act, named after a man who was embezzeling 100's of millions from Russian pensioners for Browder.
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I never studied this war in depth.  What a stupid move on Bremer's part.  I came of age during the war and remember vividly seeing the news reports regularly report the deaths of our troops.  Too many fine Americans died needlessly.
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Michael Wilson

How about the mess we left in Libya when we helped to overthrow Gaddafi? How about the mess that South Africa is since we help oust the evil "Apartheid" regime and put in charge the wonderfully incompetent and woefully corrupt ANC? How about helping to overthrow Somoza in Nicaragua, and allowing Daniel Ortega and the Marxist Sandinistas to take control; How about Cuba? China? Eastern Europe to the Commies?
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