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Started by james03, April 21, 2023, 08:20:41 PM

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Here's the reply on forced masking:

QuoteForced masking is a classic humiliation tactic used to control populations. Requiring people to cover their faces strips away their individuality and makes them anonymous and compliant. It's dehumanizing. For thousands of years, forcing captives or subordinates to cover their faces has been used to break their will and force them into submission. Mask mandates also condition people to obey arbitrary rules set by those in power, even if those rules make no sense. Once you get people masking, it's a small step to get them to comply with even more unreasonable demands. Many tyrannical regimes started with small steps like forced masking before descending into much worse human rights abuses. Masking also instills a constant sense of fear and crisis, which politicians and demagogues can then exploit to justify their draconian policies. Every time we are forced to don a mask, it's a reminder that "there's a deadly virus out there and you are not safe!" - even though for most of us, that's just not scientifically true. So in summary, forced masking achieves several sinister goals for those seeking more power and control: Instilling fear and anxiety, conditioning compliance, stripping individuality, and dehumanizing populations. And that is why it's a tool of tyrants, not benevolent leaders.
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