Crazed Dike Desecrates Eucharist

Started by james03, June 10, 2024, 02:46:50 PM

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QuoteA Catholic priest in Florida is facing one count of battery for defending the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ from a lesbian who crushed several consecrated hosts while trying to minister herself Holy Communion, prompting him to bite her arm.

Obviously Novus Ordo, however there are laws against terrorizing people in a church.  DeSantis needs to step in.

And shame on the parishioners, they should have pummeled her into the ground.
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She obviously went there with the intention to cause a disturbance, she went to two masses in order to receive communion, got denied and when she got violent, she got physically restrained in a rather mild way without any serious injury, except to her pride.

She should consider herself to be lucky, because a much greater force was appropriate and should have been used. Now she is complaining about "battering" and being "disrespected" - absolutely disgusting. The "review" she left (in the video @2:44) just shows how unhinged she is. You may have criticisms of this priest, how he preached "love is love" nonsense, but one thing he did well was not giving out the Holy Communion on hand, but rather on tongue, and this is what this lesbian found unacceptable. Had he given her the Most Blessed Sacrament on hand, a much worse desecration than this would have been inevitable.

I really hope this incident makes more priests reconsider how they give out the Holy Communion. Incidents like these are clearly the result of careless attitude towards the Most Blessed Sacrament on the part of clergy. They happen all the time in Novus Ordo rites. For all the justified criticism we have about Novus Ordo, communion on hand was never an official part of it, it is an abuse. I don't see how this could have possibly happened during a Traditional Latin Mass. The priest would only have to step a little bit back from the altar rail, maybe turn his back to guard the Most Blessed Sacrament, and even if she tried to jump across it, somebody would have restrained her.
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Is it just me that thinks that bite mark is too perfect and round. So much that even the molar prints are on it but how would you get that type of bite mark on the flat of her arm, understandably if it was at the side of her arm but I can't see how you could do it on the flat of her arm. I call fake on this but I could be wrong.


I thought it was spelled with a "y" when referring to that type, and the "i" spelling was a topological feature.
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