Daughters of Mary, Clothing ceremony, 2018

Started by Michael Wilson, July 12, 2024, 04:34:20 PM

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Michael Wilson

Three of my nieces took the white veil that year (three girls on the right in the picture at 1min 29s. ; they are now professed. Their brother, a seminarian,  is holding the book 1min 44s. And he was ordained last year. Since then two other sisters have taken the habit and professed; and one just took the habit this year. (short video 3m.48s.
"The World Must Conform to Our Lord and not He to it." Rev. Dennis Fahey CSSP

"My brothers, all of you, if you are condemned to see the triumph of evil, never applaud it. Never say to evil: you are good; to decadence: you are progess; to death: you are life. Sanctify yourselves in the times wherein God has placed you; bewail the evils and the disorders which God tolerates; oppose them with the energy of your works and your efforts, your life uncontaminated by error, free from being led astray, in such a way that having lived here below, united with the Spirit of the Lord, you will be admitted to be made but one with Him forever and ever: But he who is joined to the Lord is one in spirit." Cardinal Pie of Potiers


That's extraordinary! Six vocations in one family?

Clearly it is the result of the spiritual influence exerted by their saintly uncle.

BTW, you can see that this video was filmed at Round Top. I didn't realize members of your family are SSPV.