Zero Gravity and Perpetual Energy

Started by drummerboy, May 27, 2024, 10:04:22 AM

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 I was aware of guys who developed zero gravity and limitless energy technology conveniently dying after their labs are vandalized and their research stolen, but I didnt realize how many this happened to, and the unbelievable number of patents that are labeled secret and hidden away for the military industrial complex and corporations to keep for themselves.  No wonder there's been few major breakthroughs and the ones that are made are by big money and big tech, screw the little guy.

I don't know why some claim the govt obtained zero gravity tech from alien UFO's when guys are developing in their garage by themselves.  This would explain why the givtvis suddenly oprn to the existence of aliens: throw the public a bone to distraction them from the truth that they're the ones behind it.
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