The Real Marie Antoinette

Started by Santantonio, February 04, 2024, 10:14:16 AM

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I listened to this interview with the author Elena Maria Vidal.
Very poignant, real history...

Elena Maria Vidal sets the record straight on the oft-maligned Catholic Queen of France and martyr of the Revolution.


I've been following Ms. Vidal since I was in Uni - she's fantastic. A true expert on French History.
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I snatched up Hillaire Belloc's bio of Marie Antoinette when my alma mater went defunct and everything had to go (along with many other old, out of print Belloc bio's).  My wife has read it, and yes, the mainstream "legend" is rife with lies.
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I just wanted to post her long-time blog here, because she keeps posting a lot of interesting and news-related things.