Mongolia Magazine replaces Christmas Christ Child with excrement

Started by GMC, December 07, 2022, 10:50:30 AM

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In my Internet binging - whoever thinks of Mongolia except its vernacular expression - I had noticed and watched the cashmere sweater ads - they have a savor of the perverted ads whose name you all know, except a different abomination.  *I knew something was up*
Devil worshippers overplaying their hand.  We have our Immaculate Conception.

(I say don't look at it)


Mongolia is a Buddhist majority country.

Despite its recent popularity in the West, Buddhism is another Luciferian deceit.
"For there are no works of power, dearly-beloved, without the trials of temptations, there is no faith without proof, no contest without a foe, no victory without conflict. This life of ours is in the midst of snares, in the midst of battles; if we do not wish to be deceived, we must watch: if we want to overcome, we must fight." - St. Leo the Great


No, I was referring to a Spanish magazine, what happens is that I realized that it was a bad idea to post it and I deleted it.

A  new about the complaint that has been filed against them without the link to the blasphemous image: