I love this guy - Phillipino

Started by diaduit, December 01, 2022, 05:52:11 PM

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I love this guy, he looks after his grandmother and does little videos, always includes pray and sometimes a rosary.  So sweet.



It sounds like the grandmother is speaking Japanese.


No, she is speaking one of Filipino dialects that is from northern Philippines, which I cannot understand also. In this country of mine we speak hundreds of dialects because before the Spaniards colonized us in the mid of 1500's we were composed of many tribes and each of them have distinct dialect and the larger group or kingdoms have their language.

It was only when Manuel L. Quezon became the President of this country during the Commonwealth era under the American colonization that Tagalog, which is now called Pilipino or Filipino as the national language. So, we adopted Spanish for the official language in court trials during the Spanish regime and that was more than 300 years, and during the American colonial rule that was almost 50 years, it was English and Spanish, and from 1946 until today we have English and Filipino/Tagalog became an official language only in courts together with English as the standard, only in 2010 I think. But English remains as the standard for court litigation.

Now, on that act of taking care of our old, that is Filipino way and tradition. We don't have caregivers here the way they're so popular in the West. Of course those families here that adopt the Western way of living are doing that, but they're the extreme minority. We Filipinos still take care of our old folks. It is taboo if you don't.