Aliens and Demons

Started by TerrorDæmonum, January 24, 2022, 01:30:23 AM

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Since this sort of thing has been allowed to remain and it continues, I want clarification, if I dare ask, on exactly what is being proposed.

First, I was asked straightforwardly whether I was an "alien abductee", but it ends with stating I sound like a "visitor", so I am not sure whether the idea is that I am a human who has been abducted or I am an alien (or an alien replacing a human?).

Quote from: Philip G. on January 20, 2022, 01:42:36 PM
This is a serious question.  Were you abducted by aliens?

So, you are a VE, you cannot remember things you should, and you just had to post contra round earth in the recent flat earth thread.  Which, if people don't know, is an abstract of the flying saucer.  Yeah, you sound like a visitor.

That is the first thing to clarify: what do I sound like exactly?

Secondly, the link between "aliens" and demons is made, but the alien references and mythology are kept as part of the "narrative", whereas, demonic influence in Church doctrine and the experience of exorcists is very unrelated to typical alien/UFO mythology other than the possibility that aside from hoaxes, psychological phenomena, and identification issues, a demonic influence could be mistaken for some sort of alien entity maybe. But exactly what people think is typical of alien and UFO encounters depends heavily on the culture of the area at any given time. There is no universal narrative with this subject, whereas the Church's teachings on demons and the experiences of exorcists are very consistent through time and culture.

Quote from: Philip G. on January 21, 2022, 11:33:22 PM
The program is only of any significance because paeniteo checks many of the boxes that align with the narrative of "alien"/demonic influence.  Now, don't get this wrong   Aliens do not exist.  The construct is simply the deception of a demon.  But, for the sake of the narrative.  Aliens are capable of erasing memory.  Paeniteo apparently has serious problems with his memory.  Aliens turn their abductee into a human radio transmission device so that they can be controlled.  Paeniteo's hobby to say the least is radio transmission devices.  Paeniteo has a history of creating different personas.  Aliens present themselves as any such creature they please.  He was insanis for a few months, but now he is paeniteo, and expected us not to notice/care. 

Usually aliens present themselves as the thing that is most acceptable to those they are encountering.  So, insanis is a "Irish Cradle TLM Catholic reptilian Aristotelian Thomist Rosary Firster", who constantly has to remind us of these "credentials".  He likes "the idea" of the x-files program which is based on the existence of aliens.  He argued against the idea that the earth is round in a flat earth thread.  Which, for those who do not know, Flat earth and UFO's are twin sisters of each other.  These two conversations in their entirety are intimately intertwined.  They are both a part of the same directed demonic lie.  Yeah, I think these coincidences merit the conversation.

The second thing to clarify: Is there evidence of Satanic influence in my posts? Have I posted any blasphemies, heresies, malicious lies, or any such evil?

Liking a TV show, having an Amateur Radio license, and having an organic medical condition are not at all indicative of anything significant. Those things are largely unrelated as well.

And finally, it is stated that "aliens do not exist" and the issue is simply demonic influence:

Quote from: Philip G. on January 22, 2022, 10:02:16 PM
If Bishop Williamson rightfully says that the sound of music is soul rotting slush, do we even need to wonder what he would say about "the x-files"?  Aliens do not exist.  They are a diabolical construct.  If you spend your time on earth staring at satan in any of his many forms, don't expect to recognize God when the time comes requiring.

So what happened to the first "serious question" about being an alien abductee?

I would remind you that my only real dispute with you stems from your posts related to Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort and your bizarre opposition to him, his works, and anything which you perceive to be related to him (God Alone, Slavery in any sense, with any citations). You have also had some issues discussing theft and theology in general.

But the connections drawn now are quite bizarre and difficult to follow. Are these serious accusations or claims or are they just a bizarre retribution for the previous discussions which you are for some reason not willing to discuss any more?


A reply would be appreciated.


Quote from: Philip G. on January 22, 2022, 11:11:26 PM
The program is only of any significance because paeniteo checks many of the boxes that align with the narrative of "alien"/demonic influence. 
Again, respond. You leveled these claims, but they are ambiguous, and the claims as possibly interpreted are all objectionable except that they are merely the product of a serious mental condition affecting perception and judgement.

Quote from: Philip G. on January 23, 2022, 05:11:12 PM
You have been insinuating that I am mentally ill for months.  If you cannot take it, don't dish it out.

If you are not mentally ill, then you should be able to stand by your claims and rationally clarify them. You published them in public and I have always published my denouncements clearly with examples and citations, so show me the same respect.

If what you claim is remotely reasonable, I want to either correct anything I have done to cause those things to be perceived or correct any errors I have.  If I have errors, where are they? If I have no errors, then what is the basis for those claims?