Writing a New Apologetics Book, 25 Reasons to be Christian.

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Friends, I'm writing an Apologetics Book entitled: "Why I believe in Lord Jesus Christ: 25 Reasons to be Christian". Please see the table of Contents below. It's almost done, just in the final stages of editing/review. If you have any comments/suggestions for changes/improvements, please share. Thanks and God Bless.

QuoteIntroduction: The Astonishing Civilizing Influence that Jesus Christ of Nazareth has had on the World:
Intro 0.1 25 Quotes from many great men and women demonstrating the Greatness of Jesus Christ
Intro 0.2 25 Endorsements of this Book, from popular writers and thought leaders around the globe.
Intro 0.3 The tragic holocaust of 360 MN Christians being persecuted around the world today (2024).
Part I: Reasons to believe in One Creator God, the Father Almighty:
Demonstrations of God's Existence from Logic, Science and Morality:
Reason 1: Kalam Cosmological Demonstration: First Principles show a First Cause of the Universe:

Reason 1.1 Summary of the Kalam – A Reason to believe taken from the Beginning of the Universe
Reason 1.2 Synopsis of the Kalam – What begins to exist has a Cause and the Universe began to exist
Reason 1.3 Corollaries of the Kalam - Proves an Almighty, Eternal, Omnipresent, Personal Creator of the Universe exists outside time and space who brought the Universe into existence ex nihilo
Reason 2: St. Thomas' Contingency Demonstration: why a Necessarily Existent Being must exist at the end of the chain of contingent beings.
Reason 2.1 The distinction between Contingency and Necessity explained, and the explanation for why contingent beings (dependent on prior beings) must terminate in a Necessary Being proved.
Reason 2.2 The Argument from Contingency explained in 4 simple steps showing God's Existence
Reason 2.3 Summary of the Argument and a Mathematical Form of the Contingency Argument
Reason 3: The Fine-Tuning Argument: Empirical Evidence for a Supremely Wise, Supremely Good, Divine Creator or Intelligent Designer of the Entire Universe:
Reason 3.1 Quotes from Popular Scientists describing the Empirical Fact of Fine-Tuning:
Reason 3.2 Fine Tuning Argument stated and proved: Evidence of Design in the Universe.
Reason 3.3 Fine Tuning proving Intelligent Design proved by an analogy: Concluding Thoughts
Reason 4: Saint Anselm's Famous Ontological Argument, updated by Alvin Plantinga and Yours Truly: God may be defined as the One Necessary Being, on whom all contingent beings depend.
Reason 4.1 If there is a Possible World in which the Necessary Being exists, He then exists in Actual Reality!
Reason 4.2 A Reflection on Ontological Arguments. From St. Anselm to the modern age
Reason 4.3 Most Philosophers agree with steps 2 to 5 of the argument. The key is in Step 1.
Reason 5: Conscience demonstrates the Goodness of God, and the Beauty of Creation, His Beauty.
Reason 5.1 How Conscience reveals Objective Moral Duties, and Objective Moral Duties reveal God.
Reason 5.2 The Lord Jehovah, by making the Ten Commandments/Moral Law the basis of OT Religion, ensured these 10 Commandments became the Guiding Light of True Civilization.
Reason 5.3 The Lord Jesus, by beautifully summarizing these 10 Commandments into Two Commandments, summed up all True Religion and also laid the grounds for a lasting Humanism.
Part II: Reasons to believe in His Son, Jesus Christ, the Lord: Prophecy, Miracles, Historical Jesus.
Demonstrations that Christ is Truth from History, Miracles and Prophecy:
Reason 6: Evidence from Messianic Prophecies: Statistical Proof that Jesus of Nazareth is Christ.

Reason 6.1 Introduction to Messianic Prophecies; a summary of 7 points prophesied about Christ
Reason 6.2 Points 1 to 4 and their odds: Christ, born in Bethlehem, will work Miracles in a Public Ministry, institute a Melchizedek Sacrifice with Bread and Wine and offer Himself up like a Lamb!
Reason 6.3 Continuation of Messianic Prophecies: The Messiah is God/the Lord Jehovah Himself in the Flesh, the Lord of David in Psalm 110:1, the Pre-Existent Son of God in Daniel 3:25 etc.
Reason 7: Evidence for the Glorious Resurrection of the Lord Jesus: why His Resurrection is no myth or invention but is rightly called the best documented fact in history and well-attested.
Reason 7.1 St. John Chrysostom on the Resurrection; the Toledot Yeshu, Tacitus and Pliny on Christ.
Reason 7.2 The Jewish Historian Josephus on Jesus Christ: Saint Jerome and the Gospel Writers
Reason 7.3 The Argument for the Resurrection from the 4 Facts stated and proved – Anthony Flew and other Skeptics and former Skeptics admit the Resurrection Evidence is in a class of its own.
Reason 8: Evidence from the Shroud of Turin: the Miraculous Relic demonstrating Christ's Resurrection
Reason 8.1: The Shroud of Turin is a remarkable relic that provides Direct Evidence of Jesus Christ's Resurrection
Reason 8.1.1 The Image on the Shroud of Turin required a burst of immense energy to produce:
Reason 8.1.2 New scientific tests demonstrate that the Shroud of Turin originated in the Ancient Middle East or Near East, not medieval Europe:
Reason 8.1.3 Remarkable 120 Coincidences of blood and fluid stains with the Sudarium of Oviedo
Reason 8.1.4 The Blood Stains on the Shroud are Real Blood. They are of Blood Type AB
Reason 8.1.5 The Image on the Shroud is a Photographic Negative. Its Formation suggests a Divine or Supernatural Origin, because, as seen above, 1st or even 10th century technology couldn't produce it:
Reason 8.2 The Creed in 1 Cor 15, its early date, the authenticity of the Testimonium Flavium etc
Reason 8.3 The "Testimonium Flavianum" or Testimony of Josephus re-visited. The Letter of Pilate to Tiberius confirming the Resurrection, its attestation by St. Justin, Tertullian and ancient sources:
Reason 9: Evidence from Eucharistic Miracles: accessible Evidence of Christ's Real Presence among us in His Holy Eucharist – His Body and Blood which His Priests offer up on His Altar for us all.
Reason 9.1 Eucharistic Miracles have converted former skeptics and have been called by them, "the most powerful evidence in favor of Christianity" – these are amazing wondrous signs of Grace
Reason 9.2 The Eucharistic Miracle at Lanciano – a wondrous miracle still marvelled at today:
Reason 9.3 Evidence from more Eucharistic Miracles: 4-5 cited and quoted to bolster your Faith.
Reason 10: Evidence from Healings in the Name of Jesus. Direct Evidence of His Great Resurrection
Reason 10.1 Miracles in Divine Retreat Centre, Muringoor, Kerala, India (head) and its branches:
Reason 10.2 Miracles in Rwanda, Africa, in CFAN Crusades on that Continent:
Reason 10.3 This could easily be multiplied to 100, 1000 or 10,000 testimonies - Evidence is clear.
Part III: Miscellaneous Reasons: Reasons to believe drawn from Archaeology, Philosophy, History and Science: Further Demonstrations of the Truth of Christianity from Archaeology, Science, NDEs and the Contributions of Christianity:
Reason 11: Archaeological Confirmation of the Biblical Record: Nelson Glueck and the Old Testament.

Reason 11.1 Highly Accomplished Jewish Archaeologist Nelson Glueck's astonishing declaration: "it may be categorically stated that no archaeological discovery has ever controverted a Biblical reference ... scores of archaeological findings have been made which confirm in clear outline or exact detail historical statements in the Bible(!)":
Reason 11.2 John's Gospel confirmed by archaeological finds: The Pool of Siloam
Reason 11.3 A Familiar Story: Archaeology confirms the Biblical Record over and over:
Reason 12: Archaeological Confirmation of the Biblical Record: Sir William Ramsay, St. Luke and the NT.
Reason 12.1 How Oxford-educated Archaeologist and world renowned expert Sir William Ramsay became a Christian – by studying the Gospel and Historicity of the Book of Acts and Luke.
Reason 12.2. External Evidence from the Fathers for Matthean priority (St. Matthew writing first)
Reason 12.3 Three Syllogisms demonstrating the Early Dates of the Synoptic Gospels and showing all 3 of them were written before 55 AD, when Saint Paul refers to Saint Luke's Gospel as having been widely disseminated in the Early Christian Churches:
Reason 13: From DNA to Design. From "Nature's Laws" etc. From various arguments for Intelligent Design. Fine Tuning revisited.
Reason 13.1 The basic argument for design was developed long ago by Saint Thomas Aquinas.
Reason 13.2 How the Genetic Code in DNA suggests a Divine Intelligence that designed that Code:
Reason 13.3 Fine Tuning revisited. Evidence of not merely a Natural Designer, but a Cosmic One. Objections considered and refuted. False analogy of Lottery, and True analogy of sharp-shooters.
Reason 14: From Veridical NDEs. From First Person Experience. From the Evidence for the Soul. From Consciousness.
Reason 14.1 Philosophical Proofs we have a Soul dwelling with us – that we are not just animals nor mere matter.
Reason 14.2 NDE's continued. Consciousness studied. First Person Experience requires a Soul. And the existence of the Soul proves also the existence of God, of Heaven, and of an Afterlife to come.
Reason 14.3 Some examples of NDEs. Peace in Heaven. NDEs should show Modern Atheists at the least that Ancient Philosophers who proved the Existence of the Soul were right.
Reason 15: Christianity's Valuable Contributions to Humanity: An Examination of Militant Atheism
Reason 15.1 Prof. Alvin Schmidt, in "How Christianity changed the world" (for the better) clearly proves and shows Christianity has by and large had a benign and positive impact on the world:
Reason 15.2 Christianity, Atheism and Religious Freedom: After some mistakes, Christians gave complete Religious Freedom to all, including Atheists, while the latter denied it to Christians.
Reason 15.3 Prof. Thomas Woods, in "How the Catholic Church built Western Civilization" demonstrates the manifest falsehood of militant atheism; Christianity in fact built True Civilization.
Part IV: Reasons to believe drawn from the Spirit's Guidance of the Church: Demonstrations that Almighty God has given throughout all history to confirm the Truth revealed in Christ:

Reason 16: Evidence from the Martyrdom of the original 12 Apostles, many of the 72, the Early Church Fathers.
Reason 16.1 The Martyrdoms of Saints Peters and Paul in Rome; Matthew in Africa; Thomas in India.
Reason 16.2 The Martyrdoms of Saints Andrew and Simon the Zealot; of Philip the Apostle and Bartholomew.
Reason 16.3 The Martyrdoms of Saint James recorded in the NT and St. James the Just in History; St. Jude and St. John.
Reason 17: Evidence from the Personal Experience of 2.6+ BN Christians. Personal Testimonies of Ex-Atheists.
Reason 17.1 When you're looking for a Good Physician, the Testimonies of many who've benefited by consulting said Physician are quite important: thus too the testimonies of Christians
Reason 17.2 The special value of the testimonies of Ex-Atheists, their confessed attachments to sins, and the root causes of Atheism. Atheism often comes from desire to live in sins.
Reason 17.3 Some objections of Atheists to internal First Person Experience considered/addressed.
Reason 18: Evidence from the fact that there are 360 MN Persecuted/Martyred Christians in the world even today.
Reason 18.1 Flying a plane into a building and forgiving a would be assassinator are not the same
Reason 18.2 Martyrs show great constancy and heroic patience that comes from God. They also are living witnesses to the Truth of Eternal Life, and Eternal Reward for heroism in witness of faith.
Reason 18.3 Martyrs rouse the careless from living only for money and pleasures, and from indifference, and from taking no thought of Heaven, Paradise, the Afterlife, and Hell/Purgatory.
Reason 19: Evidence from the likelihood of Christianity crossing 3 BN Souls soon, becoming even more Universal.
Reason 19.1 Long ago, God promised to make believers in Him very numerous, as numerous in fact as the Stars in the Sky or the Sand on the Seashore. He now has.
Reason 19.2 But that's not all. Christianity is expected to cross 3 BN soon, even reach 3.3 BN by 2050. Christianity might cross 3 BN Souls as soon as 2030, and its geographical diversity expands.
Reason 19.3 From such humble beginnings, One Carpenter's Son, and His 12 mostly fishermen disciples, Christianity has grown so great and so large, just as Jesus Christ prophesied (Mat 24:14).
Reason 20: Evidence from the impossibility of Christianity being defeated, and its indestructibility/inevitability.
Reason 20.1 The Prophetic and Historical Context: Daniel and Christ speak of the Kingdom of God.
Reason 20.2 Philip Jenkins and other sources on the coming of Global Christianity or Christendom
Reason 20.3 Christianity exploding and continuing to expand in diverse geographic territories is a sign of its divine origin. If it were not true, as Gamaliel said, it would have collapsed long ago.
Part V: Reasons to believe taken from Holy Spirit's ongoing Supernatural Signs: Final Demonstrations from Miscellaneous Miracles and Well-Known History:
Reason 21: Evidence from Miracles of the Divine Mercy and Sacred Heart: Well-known historical events.

Reasons 21.1 The Tilma of Gaudalupe, how 10 Million Mexicans became Christian, the Sacred Heart manifestations to St. Margaret Mary and the French Revolution:
Reason 21.2 The Divine Mercy Devotion, the Prophecy of World War II, the Divine Mercy Miracle Image identical with the Holy Face on the Shroud of Turin, and Fatima – the miraculous prophecies of the spread of Atheistic Communism, its persecution of the Christian Church, and Final Defeat:
Reason 21.3 Evidence from Popular Culture: Exorcisms, and the Priests of Christ having Authority over Demons
Reason 22: Evidence from the Amazing Conversion of Armenia/Europe to Christianity.

Reason 22.1 The Conversion of Armenia in the 4th Century – Precursor to the Conversion of Europe, and God's Power manifest during it:
Reason 22.1.1 Sordid history of the 20th Century Armenian Genocide, the immoral behaviour of Islamist Turks during it, and the perseverance of Armenians:
Reason 22.2 The Conversion of Europe – from the 4th to the 14th Century – replete with Miracles and miraculous signs, once more confirming and proving that the Lord Jesus is the True God.
Reason 22.3 Four Quick Examples – St. Patrick in Ireland, St. Augustine of Canterbury in England, St. Remigius in France, and St. Boniface, the Apostle of Germany.
Reason 23: Evidence from the Downfall of Atheistic Communism in Russia.

Reason 23.1 Communists were intent on teaching Darwinist Atheism, not Marxist Economics – Communism was just a pretext to implement a Godless Dictatorship, an Anti-Christian State:
Reason 23.2 Solzhenitsyn reflects on the Russian Revolution that killed 60 Million Christians and other Innocents – "men have forgotten God; that's why all this has happened."
Reason 23.3 Marvel of marvels: the Atheistic Soviet Union USSR collapsed and Communism fell on Dec 25, 1991:
Reason 24: Evidence from the Growth of Christianity in Africa, China, Indonesia and Rest of Asia:
Reason 24.1 "As of 2023, there are an estimated 718 million Christians from all denominations in Africa, up from about 10 million in 1900."
Reason 24.2 By 2030, there may be more Christian Believers in China than there are in America! There already are more Christians than Communists.
Reason 24.3 2 Million+ Muslims embrace Christianity in Indonesia every year. Indonesia will be Majority Christian by 2035!!!
Reason 25: Motivation to believe from the "Crown of Life" (James 1:12; Revelation 2:10).
Reason 25.1 The human heart naturally desires compensations/rewards. God satisfies this desire
Reason 25.2 The happiness of heaven is more to be desired than earthly happiness because this endures ETERNALLY. Eternal Happiness, as can be mathematically shown, is an INFINITE GOOD, a GOOD as Great as God Himself, which God so graciously and lovingly gives us. We should be prepared to die not once but a 1000 times, and amidst great pains, to inherit such Eternal Happiness.
Reason 25.3 Those who seek the Kingdom of God first, and are ready, if needed, to forfeit earthly happiness by giving up sin's alluring and foolish pleasures, often have great Earthly happiness too. God's Promise that those who seek the Kingdom first have all else added is verified in them.
Conclusion to the Arguments: A Final Challenge to Modern Atheists from a version of Pascal's Wager updated by Yours Truly.
Addendum: Brief Answers to Atheist Objections:

1. If God created everything, what created God?
2. Euthyphro Dilemma answered by Divine Simplicity.
3. The Problem of Evil answered by Heavenly Reward and Hell for Justice.
4. The Problem of Evil and Divine Discipline/Purgatorial Fire for sins.
5. The Problem of Evil and the Holy Cross of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Conclusion of the Book: Invitation to become a Christian, give one's life to Jesus Christ, accept Him as Lord & Savior and accept Baptism and Communion.
Appendix I.1: Documentation of the Growth of Christianity in Africa from 10 MN to 750 MN+.

Christianity's extraordinary unprecedented growth in Africa is absolutely unheard of anywhere.
Appendix I.2: Documentation of the Incredible Growth of Christianity in the Nation of China.
The Name of Christ spreads and the Cross of Christ triumphs in the very land of the Atheist Communist Dragon.
Appendix I.3: Documentation of the Incredible Growth of Christianity in Indonesia and Rest of Asia.
Indonesia could quite conceivably turn Majority Christian as soon as 2035! What a remarkable development!
Appendix II: Documentation of the Impending Demise of Global Atheism: 145 MN to 130 MN by 2050.
Contrary to Atheist Propaganda, the Statistics reveal Global Atheism is in fact dying and will soon be dead. This book, a humble contribution toward establishing the Truth, hopes to speed up its demise.


Under Reason 6, I recommend discussing Wisdom Chpt. 2.
"But he that doth not believe, is already judged: because he believeth not in the name of the only begotten Son of God (Jn 3:18)."

"All sorrow leads to the foot of the Cross.  Weep for your sins."

"Although He should kill me, I will trust in Him"