Was this a sin?

Started by Bernadette, May 06, 2023, 07:44:44 PM

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Last week I didn't go yo my usual Saturday vigil Mass because my aunt was sick and couldn't drive me. Sunday I could have asked her to take me, but I didn't because I didn't want to bother her when she probably still wasn't feeling great. So I didn't. Did I sin in missing Mass?
My Lord and my God.


Doesn't sound like it.  If she was too sick Saturday evening, I doubt her sickness cleared up within the 12 hours' difference 'til Sunday morning.
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There's a Sunday evening Mass that I would have gone to.
My Lord and my God.


Not at all.  The commandment is to keep holy the sabbath, which is ordinarily, but not strictly necessarily, done by attending Mass.  God would not command you to inconvenience your ailing aunt in this case.  Read the epistle and gospel for the day, listen to a good sermon, and rest easy.
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