Is Traditional Catholicism post-modern?

Started by Aethel, April 03, 2023, 09:24:56 PM

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Excellent explanation of Traditional Catholic teaching on Objective Reality vs. satanic, revolutionary, Marxist, Communist, Fascist and emotion-based Subjective Realtiy:

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Quote from: james03 on April 12, 2023, 07:30:27 AM
QuoteHe's an interesting figure; he went into academia during the time of Communist Yugoslavia, and as such, focused much of his political studies on Marxist political theory.

You are basing your critique of Trads on a marxist?

QuoteMy main point here is that Traditional Catholicism has, socially, become synonymous with MAGA and Trumpism, or with similar ideological crowds. However, Traditional Catholicism parades itself around as synonymous with the Catholicism of the 1950s and before.

Communists and fascists both breath air.  Trads and MAGA are both reactionary movements against the current jewish bolshevik revolution.  The inability to make distinctions is not sophistication.  Trump is friendly to sodomites and pushed the vax.  Trads and MAGA are not synonymous.  They have overlap, again being reactionary movements that fight against the imposition of the jewish terror state, but distinctions are important.

Neither can be classified as post-modern however.

"Postmodernism and critical theory (jewish Fankfurt School) commonly criticize universalist ideas of objective reality, morality..."

Catholics obviously reject this and want to kill it with fire.  MAGA also appears to reject this as seen with the school board revolts, but not as strongly as Trads.

Well said.

Simply having the same motives as another group doesn't make them one in the same.  Sure there is crossover due to common goals, as with anything, but to say one represents the other is being pretty obtuse.