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Started by Francisco Javier, January 13, 2023, 08:20:23 PM

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An educated lady can do a lot of good in this world. As an advocate for eliminating legalized abortion, transgenderism nonsense, etc...


I've already eliminated it from my 4 childrens mind as a stay at home mother and they are my first duty.


Quote from: benedicite on April 23, 2023, 05:02:10 AMAn educated lady can do a lot of good in this world. As an advocate for eliminating legalized abortion, transgenderism nonsense, etc...
Yes. God calls some of us to do just that.
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"Cons: likely not going to gain much in marketable skills by an AA alone, spend 2 years of time, often goes with lost wages although not always, the men are typically lower quality, smaller pool of potential spouses, you'll still need to decide "what next" in a couple years, live at home (it ain't free)"

This is not necessarily true. Ultimately i decided to go to university (FAFSA debt free), but there are many good trades offered for women at CCs

Nursing, radiation therapy, sonography, xray tech, autoCAD drafting, dental hygenist, occupational therapy assitant. At more technical colleges things like stenography and engineering technician. Some of these programs, like nursing, have additional scholarships since they are in high demand.

Rad techs can make upwards of $80k as well as dental hygenists. Sonographers can specialize in maternity and work for catholic pro life charities (i have seen job postings myself). Occ therapy assistants can work with children or elderly.

In the end, there are many things your sister can do relatively debt free to support herself until she finds a husband. But its important to research these programs and see what she likes.

As far as 4 year universities, the worst she could do is get a useless degree. I would look into CC first before a 4 year university.
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Quote from: Kaesekopf on April 18, 2023, 11:24:30 PM
Quote from: On the Contrary on January 14, 2023, 09:02:48 PMabsolute rubbish

I find it laughable when people talk about how bad college is, yet stay enrolled themselves. 

Yes, just hamper your lifetime earning potential to satisfy the opinions of hypocritical cranks online. :lol:
The gist of the posts is not that one should skip a 4 year degree, but that contrary to current wisdom, there are other avenues to successful careers which do not require a 4 year degree. One example I know of is a lineman working for a power company; lineman easily make over 100,000 a year; they constantly have opportunities for overtime, and if a major disaster hits, they can volunteer there and make 2.5 times hourly from the moment that they leave their house; a per-diem;plus room and meals;plus a fantastic pension which allows them to retire and live very comfortably and great medical insurance plans; that is better than most jobs with four year degrees.
I attended a four year university and earned a degree in Bus-Ad. Yet I always knew that I would work in our family business; I could have just gone straight to work from High School; not wasted my Dad's money and I would have been just as incompetent as I was with the degree. :laugh: 
Plus "On the Contrary's" Post was one of the best thought out post that have appeared on this forum, I don't detect any "hypocrisy" or "crankiness" in her post at all; neither did I detect it the others.
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