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Optimal file compression software for Windows?

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I want to compress all of our .AI (Adobe illustrator) and PDF files.
The company purchased "Stuffit 2012" for Windows. It does not work for ai files.
A 1.5 MB file goes down to 1.3MB. Not much of an improvement.
Anyone know of a better software out there for Windows?

You will probably not get better compression than this. First of all, you should seperate according to file type and avoid mixed archives. There are different compression methods for different data, e.g. texts.

You should use 7zip which is free and has a graphical interface:

Here are the optimal settings:

Note that dictionary/word size depends on your available RAM. You need generally 10 times dictionary size in RAM. Just play around with it.

If you need the best available compression algorithm you should use nanozip:

This application is commandline based, if you need help, you can ask me.

Thank you. I will look into these.

I've used stuffit and .zip

Same here.
You may want to try nanozip.


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