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The Coffee Pot / Re: Good afternoon!
« Last post by maryslittlegarden on Today at 03:53:16 PM »
Freshly made applesauce is ready for anyone who would like!! 
Arts and Leisure / Re: TV You're Watching
« Last post by PerEvangelicaDicta on Today at 03:53:08 PM »
Cranford (via Amazon).

Season 1 of 6 - so far, do you find it historically accurate, AF? 
Pope Michael is Pope.

Great when your Moms elects you.
....if Francis is not Pope.

Pon, it hurts me that you are, albeit very kindly, telling me to shut up.  But ok.

I am simply trying to point out a counter-example to the claim that the intellect can never misdiagnose a material substance like bread  (sometimes bread is not what it seems)...seems like a valid point given the topic of this thread.

Peace friend.

Not the case at all, mi amigo.  I have a petty habit of "saying thanks" to "lone dot" posts.  I did not chance to read whatever your post said originally before the edit; by the time I came across it, it was just a period alone in an empty space.  I like the enigma of it.  (Perhaps you were only correcting for something as simple as having double-posted).  At any rate, I have truly found your contributions in this thread to have been uniformly thoughtful, and in no way intended to suggest you shut up.


I know what you had said about "lone dots" in the past and find your thanking them amusing.  But I do think other people besides St. Columba could misunderstand you, or think you are  making light of serious issues in surrounding posts.

Nice explanatory post, though.
General News and Discussion / Re: Stefan Molyneux
« Last post by Habitual_Ritual on Today at 03:19:12 PM »
Londoners recently manifested more outrage over Uber kicked out of the city then they did over the recent Islamic attacks. Yeah...I'd say it's over there
General Catholic Discussion / Re: Wonder what Father Zuhlsdorf means...
« Last post by tradical on Today at 03:01:45 PM »
Probably referring to a tweet the Rorate is going to release something today.
It becomes difficult about how to address people and talk about them when one knows they are not married validly. Even if there is suspicion of possible invalidity, it still gets pretty discomforting about what to do.

We have to assume that most people intend to be in a marriage "till death do you part." People are well aware of that phrase, no matter what is their maturity level or less than detrimental psychological state, and there is still the sense of "not being able to get out of it." We have the natural law written on our hearts. It must be cultivated, but it's still there. The Ten Commandments summarize it.

Most don't realize how marriage is a public act that does affect greater society, i.e. you, me, and everyone else. Instead we have the prevalent selfish approach to marriage, but that does not cause a defect of intention unless investigated and determined as such by the Church under the heading of one of the categories that invalidates a marriage.

If I want to marry a rich woman only for the money, it would be selfish, but I still intend to be in a marital union without obstacle because children and being together are still in the realm of thought of society. People still have the idea of having children and being together in whatever imperfect manner they may hold to that.

Granted, there are cases where the rights to have children were not given or there was some defect of consent, but that has to still be investigated and determined by the Church. We're not animals, but people think and assume nowadays that they can just pair up with someone else soon after.
oops - wrong post - not certain how that happened!
"Casti Connubii" did this in 1930.
No news here.
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