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Feast of Saint Anne-Our Lord's Grandmother-July 26-ORA PRO NOBIS!


Christe Eleison:
St. Anne’s feast day is celebrated on July 26.

She is known as the patron saint of mothers and women in labor, and minors.

In the Eastern church, the cult of Anne herself may go back as far as c. 550,

when Justinian built a church in Constantinople in her honor.

Hail, spiritual bird, announcing the spring time of grace! :pray3:

Hail, sheep, mother of the ewe lamb, who by a word conceived the Word, the Lamb that taketh away the sins of the world!

Hail, blessed earth, whence sprang the branch that bore the divine Fruit!

O Anne, most blessed in God, grandmother of Christ our Lord, who didst give to the world a shining lamp, the mother of God; together with her intercede that great may be the mercy granted to our souls.

Let us cry to holy Anne with cymbals and psaltery. She brought forth the mountain of God and was borne up to the spiritual mountains, the tabernacles of Paradise.

 :pray2: :pray3:

Ora Pro Nobis! :pray2:

Christe Eleison:



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