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being nice vs being rude with a smile on vs saying the truth

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A new trad celebrity on social media has emerged recently: . As I usually ignore so called sharing and testimonies of new converts, this case kind of drives me crazy.

For instance that message:  . It almost strikes me as somebody tries on purpose normalize some aspects of neo-modernism in trad circles. Or maybe she is right, I am just an old rude ill intentioned hypocrite ....

What do you think?

Superficially, it strikes me as neo-traditionalism, in the sense of going to the true Mass and following traditional devotions as a preference rather than the only true expression of Catholicism. Other than that, most of what I see is "woman-posting" fluff, so I don't know. I'll listen to her vlog when I get home later and update my post.

I think you nailed it: "neo-trad" sounds about the right.

I am not an expert, but she also seems to put on a make-up for those vids. Weird.

Yes its a little superficial but give them a break, very few of us were not asses in our 20's.  At least they're trying.

God bless the happy couple.

Well, I had a look at it and it's nice to see a splash of optimism and Christian joy! She went to Venice on her honeymoon and took some beautiful pictures. I was there on pilgrimage in 2010 and I remember it well. It brought back happy memories.

I love a millenial who is very enthusiastic about wearing a veil to church. My daughter used to be this way. Now I have doubts if she even goes to mass anymore.

I loved her post about trusting God with helping you be a better steward of money. I say the prayer every day.

Loved her fitness post with the runner. That's what I'm doing.

So far, I see a sunny smile and plenty of Christian joy in these difficult times. I wish she was my daughter. This is good. I'm sending her a friend request. I can use a bit of optimism in my life. I saw the video and I don't think she's being a cheerleader for modernism, just trying to be a peacemaker. I understand her style isn't for everybody.


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