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Our church was raided this morning by the Gardai

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Our 'secret' mass was raided this morning.  I had attended an earlier one in the morning but the later one was raided by four Guards.  Poor Fr Kimball had to deal with them, one mass goer videoed and was irate with them.  They told everyone to leave or they would be fined and those that stayed behind would have their names taken and fined.  Some remained, one of them a friend of mine told me that her friend said to the Guard that Divine law supersedes your law and the Guard said 'ffs'.

We're all just a little rattled here.  Say a prayer for peace and calm to be restored and please God we have the Sacraments again next week.


You will be fine. These police can keep you out of the chapel, but they can not confine Our Lord inside of it.


Thank you so much for your on the ground report.   :pray3: :pray3: :pray3:

I saw this on Facebook. Disgusting!!


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