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China’s Taiwan Invasion Getting Closer

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Hmm. Take a leave of absence to go hang out in Taiwan, or wait for things to boil over here in the States?  :shrug:

PRC has the same number of aircraft carriers as France, one (I think there are old Soviet wrecks used for training, and their only one is a finished Soviet vessels). PRC has proven incapable of taking Kinmen over all those years, despite it being within sight of Red Chinese city of Xiamen. The PLA is good, at most for internal repression, and even then, not that good, the Tiananmen Square massacre required use of Moslem Uighur rather than Han Chinese troops, for which no gratitude was shown. Anyhow unlike, say Russia which can in a way live off its own internal resources, the Chinese mainland is wholly dependant on trade. Taiwan with semi-conductor and other industries is part of that, as is, very obviously the US and its consumers. The Chicoms are a menace to pregnant Uighur Moslem women (forced abortions etc.), not to anyone their own size, or even a fraction of their size. You could call the Chicoms yellow Jews, obsessed with money above all, but the Jews of Israel have proven to be militarily resourceful, and takes some political stances which are economically harmful, like not sucking up to the EU. 

At the same time, Russia and Ukraine are about to go to war. Seems like we are in Biblical times: wars and rumors of wars.


--- Quote from: TradGranny on April 10, 2021, 08:10:06 PM ---At the same time, Russia and Ukraine are about to go to war. Seems like we are in Biblical times: wars and rumors of wars.

--- End quote ---

I think the Ukraine must rue giving up nuclear weapons. A NATO guarantee is worth less than a snotty tissue. Whatever about End Times Pres Putin could hope that the mix of salami slicing his opposition, alternating with insincere ceasefires, as before, will yield results. Flat footed doesn't begin to describe his opposition, some of whom might deplore the Ukraine situation, but like the flow of Russian natural gas better than some seedy Ukrainian politicians. Russian has an economy the size of Belgium, so they likely the dopes who face them, Ursula van der Leyden would prompt surrender, won't change.

Given the present COVID fraud, which a few years back was no more than some intelligence agency scenario, predictions aren't easy to make. Russia doesn't seem interesting in masochistically tying itself up like, say, Ireland.

Pray without ceasing.

King Wenceslas:
The shoe is going to drop sometime. The US is fading due to diversity and gender politics while China has its short time in the sun. The Taiwanese brains must have turned to mush also over the last several years due to the same type of politics. If I was Xi, I would not wait more than the next 4 years to take Taiwan. Dementia Joe is a gift given to the dragon by good old decrepit American democracy. He won't be there forever.

As for Putin and Russia their time is now. They dominate the near abroad now or can forget about it. Their bulge in meaningful usable manpower for military purposes is at the present between 30 and 50 years old and aging fast.

Always remember before we all go to bed at night:  No grace, no peace. So tuck yourselves in with your night prayers because you might become radioactive dust sometime during the night.


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