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Permanent deacons?

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What is the history behind "permanent deacons"? They seem common in the NO, but I have never seen them at TLM parishes. Is this a novelty, or is there any traditional basis for it?

It results from V2, Lumen Gentium in general and the motu proprio Sacrum Diaconatus Ordinem specifically. It's a NuChurch, so probably best avoided, although I do know some permanent deacons on Twitter seem sound enough.

As Father Z likes to point out, deacons are a result of their formation.  Some of them are well trained and are orthodox, knowing their roles.

Archbishop Lefebvre , if I remember correctly, was ok with the idea as long as they remained unmarried.

My biggest criticism is, despite their ordained status, they still cannot administer any sacrament that the laity can't themselves, namely Baptism and Matrimony.  Obviously, the difference is deacon are indeed ordained, and can thus administer these in a regular scenario whereas laity only in irregular, besides other liturgical functions.  I fancy this is part of the reason they faded away: if you're one step from the priesthood, then why not?


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