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Christ the Bridegroom will not abandon his Bride the Church

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Christ the Bridegroom will not abandon his Bride the Church.

Just as even the Heavenly Father had seemed to have abandon His only Son at Calvary nothing could be further from the Truth.

Sign of the Times: Bride rescued by the angels in blue (police) in Northern New Jersey.
This is an incredibly positive and powerful sign.

We know from the Catechism, The Church is the spotless bride of the spotless Lamb. 237 "Christ loved the Church and ...the comparison of the Church with the body casts light on the intimate bond between Christ and his Church.

In the Mystical City of God, Bl. Maria of Agreda relates that Christ actually took the Church and subsumed it into His very Breast. They are one and inseperable.

Blessed Maria of Agreda also revealed that homosexual acts were even revolting to the demons.

The demonic attacks on the Church in Pa. can be exemplified by this mysterious burning Cross

This took place on Sunday in Towanda, Pa. a day or two before the report came out

The attorney General Josh Shapiro how many times did he lick his lips? He sure seemed to revel in this.


The Church if Our Lord chooses will become Pure, Poor, and Powerless. She will be given over to the world and at the mercy of the world. Solange Hertz wrote about this 15 years ago in her book ¨The Calvary of the Church¨ This purification is necessary and good fruits will come of it we have Our Lord´s promise.

When and if the Church becomes Pure, Poor, and Powerless you can imagine the stampede at the exit door. Persecution will cleanse the Church. Rest assured they have the plans aaaaaall drawn up and probably trying to implement them as we blog.

Time has sped up.
Time will speed up faster (when the Consecration is done).
His return is imminent (we don´t know when) but imho before or near 2033. (incredible things await)
The return of the Word, Logos draws near. In Revelation we know He will be given a New Name so they can´t blasheme on earth or under the earth.
The Priesthood will survive this Crisis, the Church will survive this Crisis.

The miracle of the Mexican plane with the Priest from Our Lady of Guadelupe in the Midwest when all 103 passengers survived was one of many, many positive signs and highlights the importance of the Priesthood imo.

We should be seeing more of these signs including Eucharistic Miracles.

"Look, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to each person according to what they have done.¨ Rev 22:12

Soon the whole human race will be brought before the Throne of God from Adam to the last- each alone will step forward. This will happen sooner than you think.


Cardinal Burke has advocated Our Lady of America to be placed in the Basilica of the National Shrine.

But like the proper Consecration of Russia it will be done late I´m afraid. Spiritdaily had cited this.


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