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Started by james03, April 27, 2023, 09:15:15 AM

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If you are a young adult and intelligent, or your kid is intelligent, and you are short on funds, I've discovered possibly the greatest deal there is.  This is for a Chemical Engineering degree, so make sure you or your son did very well on math testing.

First, the super budget plan:

1.  Move to Tulsa, OK.  Get a job (they are plentiful) and establish residence.  Get a utility bill and get your drivers license.  This gives you an almost free education at Tulsa Community College (you pay for books and fees).

2.  At TCC you get all three engineering calculus classes, differential equations, engineering physics, general chemistry, organic chemistry, and thermodynamics, along with the non-core electives in 2 years.  The cost is peanuts and the credits transfer to Oklahoma schools.

3.  After that, you go to RSU, Roger State University for 2 years of your core engineering classes.  During the intervening summer you intern at an Oklahoma oil refinery, chemical plant, natural gas plant, or fertilizer plant.  Possible with $30/hr pay and some will cover your tuition.

4.  RSU charges $8,000 PER YEAR.  And there are no required woke classes.

Normally the smaller schools wouldn't be my first choice, but this is in Oklahoma and the place has a lot of facilities that need Chemical Engineers.  Starting salaries are starting to push $100K and there's a huge demand.

For the price, this is an incredible deal.
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Quote from: james03 on April 27, 2023, 09:15:15 AM4.  RSU charges $8,000 PER YEAR.  And there are no required woke classes.

That's a good deal both ways. I'm looking at finishing my degree currently and it's bewildering how many universities require both a course that focuses on world issues and a diversity/equity/inclusion course. I'll have to take the garbage because I want the degree, but I'm going to loathe every minute of it.