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I'm checking out some of these.  I'll post a few.

Good general overview:
Only thing missing is he should stress the need for good cold weather gear.  Polypro sock liners and holifil/polypro long underwear a must.

Nice video on rig work.  I agree with his statement, if you can't get a rig job, get an oilfield job for a few months, then reapply showing the oil experience.

Description of rig work.  This also applies to Texas and Oklahoma.


I've seen these as well. They seem like good advice.

I was speaking to a lady whose husband was unemployed, family homeless abouts 2007. He did tech training, and now at 46 is grossing near 200,000 grand as a tech consultant in the Bakken. Two weeks there, two weeks back in CO. She said that there is about 15 years of solid extraction still availiable. Is this accurate, James?


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