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I work with a young lad who did what I have been advising others to do.  He got his Instrument Tech associates degree from a Texas Techical school community college outside of Waco.  Cost???  $12,000 total for 2 years (in-State tuition). Incredibly cheap.  He confirmed it included PLC/Ladder logic.  He also said that when you apprentice during the summer, expect around $18/hr.  He went a third year and got his industrial electrician cert added on.  I'm guessing he's making around $60/hr, but that is not confirmed.  He's looking at buying a ranch.  He looks like he is younger than 30.  Give it some serious thought if you aren't going to college and want to support a big Catholic family. 

Does he work in a specialty field or something?  I can't imagine most instrument techs make that kind of money.

Oil and gas in the Bakken.  Instrument techs (we're talking about control valves, flow/pressure transmitters, PLCs) are in very short supply.  Instrument techs bill for about $100/hr.  PLC techs are billing at $180/hr.

However, I'll add he's now an Instrument/Electrical designer.  He did a few years on his tools.  Now he does the design work.  Designers make more money than field guys usually.

If you want to settle down and work on instruments at a local power plant, I'm guessing they are getting around $35/hr with benefits.  There's a lot more money on the road.

He's doing it right.  Piling up money now to buy a ranch, then he can settle down to something local.


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