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What’s the deal with dancing?

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I came across an article by the FSSP saying dancing is condemned by the Church. This was surprising to me because plenty of solid Catholic Colleges promote swing dancing and I know of a lot of traditional Catholics who put on “Civil War Balls” with decent, modest dancing. Is there something official I’m not aware of?

Care to post a link to this FSSP article?



--- Quote ---Most sins begin with an image in the imagination – bad thoughts – have you ever had a bad thought that was hard to push away? When
there is also a physical image before the eyes, sin is even more likely. And when one can touch and handle that physical image, sin is very likely. This is what happens in dancing.
--- End quote ---

This is a stupid simplification you sometimes see from Trad priests lacking common sense and plagued with scruples.  And they nearly ALWAYS come out of America, land of the prudes and the porno.  I wish, for your sakes, the Mayflower had sunk or they had starved that first winter.  Would have been much better for American's mental health.  Yanks just cannot be balanced about anything in this regard.

If I dance with my grandmother I don't lust. Nor with any woman who is not sexually attractive or much older than me.  Or with little girls at a wedding.  It is just a fun dance.  A well balanced person can dance with their friend's mother and not lust.  I have danced with many a bride's mother at weddings. They love a good dance.   A sex-addict or incel can't ride on public transport without lusting at the female passengers.

I have done the Conga and the Hokey Cokey (called the Hokey Pokey in the USA), these involve holding hands and putting you hands on the waste of the person in front.  I don't ever remember lusting with these two fun social dances.  But then again, I can look at a women breastfeeding and not lust either, because she is a mother feeding a baby.  It is about context.

Now, I completely accept that between the ages of say 15 and 25, young people going clubbing or for a waltz or square dance are "on the pull", so to speak.  Young people are nearly always interested in showing their plummage and seeing who is interested in them.  And at those dances, for Trads, the sensible thing is to set standards of decorum and use social pressure to enforce it as best as possible.  But to say it is more likely that dancing causes lust that leads to fornication is ridiculous in 2021 for 2 obvious reasons.

1.  The logical outcome would be to seperate men and women like they do in Muslim countries.  And that does not give you well rounded mentally stable young men, it gives you sex addicts and degenerates.  Work backwards from the above quote.  Avoid all occasions of sin by wearing burqas.  Never let young people meet at all until their wedding day.

2.  Anyone at that dance who wants to fornicate has plenty of opportunity on TikTok and other hook up aps.  The idea that men go to Trad Catholic Square Dances to lust over women is stupid, since there are so many much more satisfying ways to lust.  Men go to good dances to meet good women.  Do they want to hold their hand and put their arm around a waist or on a back?  Sure they do.  That is a good thing.  We need men who like women and want to marry decent women and have lots of babies.

Incels and homosexuals don't fill the pews with the next generation.

I enjoyed dancing with French, British and Italian Traditionalist ladies when I was younger.  And yes, I thought they were very attractive because they were.  Modestly dressed they were very attractive.   Had it not been for such dances many Traditionalists would not travel the 100 to 500 miles they need to meet a potential spouse.

This article is stupid because it presents no solution as to how 21st century young adults are supposed to meet each other and decide whom to marry.  The other methods of achieving marriages used in the 19th century are kaput.


--- Quote from: MaximGun on September 14, 2021, 09:16:53 PM ---This is a stupid simplification you sometimes see from Trad priests lacking common sense and plagued with scruples.  And they nearly ALWAYS come out of America, land of the prudes and the porno.

--- End quote ---

TIL St. John Vianney is a scrupulous American Trad.


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