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Polyglot Problems

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--- Quote from: queen.saints on August 13, 2021, 03:38:26 PM ---I’m not a polyglot, but I find that my personality greatly changes when speaking different languages. It can be a fun experience, but also unsettling.
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Can you give us an example, queen.saints?

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For no good reason and against my will, in French I feel very confident and vivacious. It’s also hard for me to make good decisions, because unlike words like “bad” and “evil”, or even “good”, which resonate very deeply with me, I couldn’t care less about something being “mauvais” and don’t feel at all compelled by what is “bon”. I feel arid and cold-hearted and have a hard time being empathetic towards others.

In Spanish, I feel very shy, formal, and traditional and feel compelled to try extra hard to be good and strict with myself. I also feel very emotional and poetic and care very much for others and how they are feeling. I still feel real pain or joy thinking of different conversations with people I only knew for a short time.

In English, you can see what I’m like 😅😕

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I think I'll translate all my posts to you to Spanish in the future  ;D :cheeseheadbeer:


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