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What would you do TV Show


I've been watching a lot of this show recently. I usually don't watch any TV shows.

I like it, in that it wants to call people out to do the right thing and not stay silent. However, the "right" thing for ABC usually means some politically correct ideal.

What do you think?

I watch this show. A few episodes stick out. One involved an actor admonishing an autistic child in a restaurant.

Another episode that I watched one morning was about racially stereotyping certain people as shoplifters. I watched it in the morning, and coincidentally I caught a Native American woman shoplifting later that day. I felt horrible as I monitored her, because all I could remember was the video I had just watched!

Edit: I think I remembered one of my previous examples slightly wrong

Here's the Autism episode. Makes me cry!  :'(


Dusty Bottoms:
I kind of like it, but I feel dirty watching it - I would hate if someone captured my worst moments of behavior on camera.


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