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--- Quote from: Gottmitunsalex on December 30, 2012, 01:09:10 AM ---I was taking singing lessons in SD and they called up my trainer and asked him if he had a fill-in for one of the performers who could not make it to the resort. So he told them about me and I filled in.
The standards. no more lo less. It lasted 1 hour & 40min. With a 30 min break in between.
It was a luncheon they had for the retirees and while they were eating, I was singing.
They have, had? a great band. It was my only "public" performance.
Later I learned from my singing teacher that the Welk Resort no longer offers that style of music.
They are doing more pop oriented music now. So he told me.

--- End quote ---

It's really a bummer that they are doing more pop music now at that place.  I find that music a lot more edifying and entertaining than the garbage on the radio.


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