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He Broke His Face

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Literally. I disliked Canelo for his clearly political win over GGG and the fact that he is a folk hero among the illegal crowd here in the US. How, however, can one not find sweet justice here? Bigmouth Billy Jo Englishmun Saunders got shut up. Hard. Broke the orbital socket.

Hah! Another combat sports fan I see.

I think that Jiri Prochazka elbow was way more satisfying

@andy I havenít seen that one yet.

I am waiting for Covington vs Usman II, THAT is the fight to make for that division IMO.

I used to follow MMA/UFC closely but recently I just randomly check in what is going on. Or when there is some noice in MMA news channels.

I absolutely admire (in a good sense) the dedication and skillset of the fighters but I still have not figured out why I somewhat lost the interest.

... I still have not gotten over Askren vs Masvidal ...I guess this is the reason


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