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Bp. Williamson on the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock show

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Author and Talk Show host Andrew Carrington Hitchcock (Euro Folk Radio)
was joined on air today by none other than...

ACH (1497) Bishop Richard Williamson – God Is Not Mocked!
April 20, 2021 by achitchcock

In today’s show originally broadcast on April 20 2021, Andy is joined by Bishop Richard Williamson, for a show entitled, “God Is Not Mocked!”

We discussed: why in today’s world man’s will counts for everything and God’s Will counts for nothing; the concept of subjectivism; the myth of sexual equality; why men have to suffer in order to learn; Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump; why freedom of religion actually means freedom from religion; the decadence of American Liberalism; the importance of self-discipline; the bravery of Archbishop Vigano; how to withstand the push to get the vaccine; why we need to discard the mainstream media; how pride makes people stupid; the wicked men in the public eye who are controlled by the wicked men behind the scenes; why prayer is the only thing we have left that we can still depend on; and many other topics.

Click Here To Listen To The Show (three different links)

I listened to the show this morning. Bishop Williamson was right on target, as always.


Philip G.:
The good bishop was pretty sharp in the interview.  His delivery was very good.  His blessing at the end was a bit of a blooper however.

I really enjoyed this interview.  I hadn't heard or read anything by Bishop Williamson before.  I think I'll be seeking out more of his material now.  I especially liked this observation by Bishop Williamson, a few minutes into the interview:

"The philosophy of many men living today is, in the broad sense, lala land. That is to say, they're living in an unreal world, in which man's will counts for everything.  God usually counts almost nowhere, except as a sweet old sugar daddy in the sky, dressed in cotton wool, who blesses everything that men do, when they choose to do it, including the most horrendous crimes, who has no heaven with which to reward them nor hell with which to punish them."

I think that perfectly sums up what is wrong with modern society and its embrace of one evil after another.  The modern world denies basic biology to affirm delusions like nonbinary gender theories, religious indifferentism, moral relativism, etc.  This is an unreal, lala land view of things.


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