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Death of a friend.


Philip G.:
I am in my early 30s, and I just experienced the death of a friend of mine.  For whatever reason, this seems like a first death for me.  I had an elderly friend nearly a decade ago who passed away, whom I miss, and think of more often than I would have expected.  I had another elderly friend who I died, whom I do not miss, as his death was plagued by hospital fraud and vulture friends grabbing power of attorney/his estate fraudulently that only I stood up against.  I don't allow myself to be pained by it.  You cannot help those who refuse to help them self.  But, this old man, who I worked for on a weekly basis as his gardener, who just passed, I will definitely miss.  And, I don't think it is going away, as I think I may continue working for his property/family.  It is just not going to be the same, and I don't think it should be.  I almost feel like not a day should go by working there that I should not try to think of him at least for a brief moment.  He was a former military captain and texan man, who was just great to be around.  He/we had so many plans for his property, that are now cut short.  He passed away after having a surgery last week.  My guess is that he passed from all the pain meds he was on post surgery.   

Can anyone relate to my feeling about this?  As long as I am on this mans property, and around his family, I really feel I shouldn't let his memory be lost.  Almost as if it is a responsibility of mine. 

red solo cup:
Honor him by doing the best you can with your life. And pray for his soul.

Its grief Philip and everything you say is quite common when you lose someone you respected.

When my brother died suddenly I couldn't stand the thought of the world carrying on like nothing happened.  Anything that reminds you of them, like the garden becomes profoundly important to you but its just another garden to everyone else.

Can you give his first name for our rosary this evening?

Michael Wilson:
We miss the presence of those we hold dear; obviously you had a very high regard and affection for you friend and you miss him.
It would be strange if you did not. The death of those close to us brings us face to face with the reality of the transitory nature of this life.  :pray2:


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