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New film on Fr. Patrick Peyton opening today



I won't be able to see it in the theater but hopefully it will be streamed soon or available on YouTube.

I have been intrigued by Fr. Peyton since I was young. I have several books about and by him, including an autographed copy of "All for Her", and the brief biopic offered by his order the Congregation of the Holy Cross and narrated by Loretta Young. Older Latin Americans still remember his Rosary Crusades there, and many of his techniques, such as holding huge outdoor rallies with Catholic-themed films and motivational speakers, sending laypersons door-to-door and signing pledge cards to pray the Rosary together, have been imitated by the evangelical movements who took Latin America by storm after the bishops lost interest in Fr. Peyton and his message of family prayer and the Rosary.

Thanks! I signed up for updates.

It's showing at the theater nearest to me! That's a pleasant surprise.


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