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The Pre-1955 Holy Week: A Liturgical, Spiritual, and Cultural Treasure

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It's strange that the SSPX continues to use the 1955 Holy Week and 1962 rites for Lent.


--- Quote from: OzarkCatholic on March 28, 2021, 11:30:46 PM ---It's strange that the SSPX continues to use the 1955 Holy Week and 1962 rites for Lent.

--- End quote ---

It seems like the SSPX dropped or never retained a lot of aspects of the traditional liturgical life along the way. At least in my experience and comparing between the local SSPX chapel and ICRSS oratory, the Institute maintains the older liturgical rites, as well as traditional blessings of various things for certain days; whereas, the SSPX simply has the 1962 mass in its barest form. That is all the more surprising considering the local SSPX chapel has 4-5 priests and a school, while the Institute oratory has 1 canon. Anyway, we switched from the SSPX to the Institute last year and have been very happy with that decision.

As for the topic of this thread, the Pre-1955 Holy Week is truly an amazing gift. I find the rites much more cohesive than the later developments, which always struck me as piecemeal.

There was one poster who said that he was finally going to read The Liturgical Year, by Dom Gueranger.  For those who want online access to it, the Palm Sunday portion of it is here:

It includes naturally all the prayers and blessings before Mass, but also an introduction and, interspersed with the liturgical prayers, video presentations of the symbolism and intended spiritual fruits. I'm reading it myself.

Another pre-1955 Holy Week guide. Quite complete, and with Tenebrae for all three days of the Triduum.


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