"I'm afraid that the West will die"

Started by Instaurare omnia, December 01, 2022, 08:05:21 AM

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The West is being killed, and the murderers have names. Nothing will be done about it, until authoritarian personalities step up and put their lives and families lives on the chopping block. 99% of us are followers, not leaders.


Quote from: Aethel on December 07, 2022, 01:16:57 PM

With all that being said, I agree that the designs are too cluttered - there isn't geometric uniformity that one would find analogous in nature, which makes it seem more unnatural.

However, take what you will from a "godless heathen" - don't spend time criticizing the art that easily. Stuff like this took a lot of willpower, organization, and grossly underpaid labor, even if it reflects the inherent flawed qualities of human beings, it's a testament to human spirit that we could organize and craft such architecture. We were able, at one point, to love ourselves to the point that we could enshrine images of ourselves and venerate it as beautiful - Saints or idols.

That's partly why we produce nothing but filth nowadays - we all are so misanthropic and critical that we don't view the beauty of the human form as worth enshrining.

After all, Christ found the human form beautiful enough, fitting enough for God.
What do you mean by misanthropic? That sounds so pagan.


Quote from: Julio on December 08, 2022, 02:15:33 AM
[What do you mean by misanthropic? That sounds so pagan.

I suppose that he refers to the fact that postmodern society has resulted in the dehumanization of man, we can see this, for example, in certain radical ecologists who consider man a plague to be eradicated, an idea quite widespread among the elites, see the Georgia guidestones for example.

Or the animalism that tries to equate animals and people, humanizing animals dehumanize man.

It's a deserved punishment that the society that rejected God ends up dehumanizing itself

I personally like Asian gardens. Not only the Japanese, but also the Chinese. For example: